He's so cute!!
He’s so cute!!

UTB readers, let’s all gather around for a land mark moment and give a heartfelt congratulations and BBM hug to our friend Bigglybobblyboo, who with a bit of help from Mrs Biggly, has just birthed Micro Biggly! Yes! That’s right, after what seemed like months and months of waiting, (I’m hearing 9, but I know measurements get mixed up when we’re talking to the Brits) Micro Biggley has decided to grace us with his presence.

Aside from being an absolutely stubborn little guy that kept mom and dad waiting for a couple days, (again, may have been a day, they sleep when I’m awake and vice versa, it gets very very confusing) Micro Biggly is healthy and ready to follow in his daddy’s footsteps.

Micro Biggly was born mere hours ago, and is all ready to go. Just like the rest of us, he is demanding his Passport and giving a little pout that it’s not yet here. And Biggly, being the strict father that he is, is demanding he take a nap before he begins blogging for UTB. But I’ve heard on good authority, Micro Biggly is going to try and sneak one in as soon as possible!


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  • Azensun

    Welcome to the family, Biggly-Boo! We’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival! :hugs:

  • ray689

    Congrats to the Bobblyboo family.

  • Undbiter65

    Congrats on your fathering skills Biggly! Many well wishes to the entire family!

    • ray689

      Is it time for a little undbiter?

  • Canuckvoip

    Welcome Micro! You have a fine father to look up to!

  • Reverend Grim

    That’s the way! Get him trained young!
    Oh, and Brad… it’s you that’s getting it wrong, us Britain are always right, especially on times… after all WE have GMT everything starts in Greenwich!
    Babybobblyboo, I know you’re daddy will teach you the ways of the United Temple of BlackBerry well, listen to him and follow the righteous path!
    God bless you all!

  • ital1

    Congrats Biggly; wishing your family health and happiness.

  • Rural Geek

    Congratulations on Micro. locco_smiley_10

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    Biggly! Out! Miggly is the new CEO.

  • RedFoxOne

    Congrats Biggly!!

  • razrrob

    He’s already a few hours old?

    Guess Mr & Ms Biggly must be ready for another


    Congratulations! Is that a new Porche design?

  • web99

    Congratulations Biggly!

  • Anthony

    Congratulations on the birth of little-Biggly-boo-boo locco_smiley_10

  • BB Racer !!

    Congrats Biggley and yours….best time of your life……giggles…gurgles….love it !

  • G-bone

    Congratulations to the Biggly’s!!
    The BlackBerry doesn’t fall far from the… well, you know!
    Love and happiness to you all! <3


  • newcollector

    Always late to the party, but congratulations to the Biggly’s!! Now if Micro Biggly gets his Passport or Z50 before me, I am going to be very very very jealous and will start proceedings to become Micro Biggly’s older younger brother. Can you say, “International Adoption”?

  • wkrgr

    Congratulations Biggs! Wish you, your wife and your newborn all the best! Congrats!