Bias Lawsuit Against Google Can Continue

Google tried to halt the lawsuit aimed at their employment practices.

Back in July of 2017, Google engineer James Damore wrote an internal memo about Google’s diversity policies. This memo, which was intended only for those within Google to see, questioned Google’s policies which seemed to not only help some identity groups, but penalize others. Google’s response to the memo? To fire Damore. Much to Google’s chagrin, that would not be the last we would hear about it.

Damore and another former Google employee filed a class action lawsuit against Google for discrimination. The suit claims that the two plaintiffs, and many others, were terminated from their employment with Google specifically because they were white and Asian men, that support conservative politicians. They claim that Google has a gender, race, and political bias which results in the company refusing to hire people from categories which the company believes are over represented, and terminating current employees based on these same biases.

Google has tried multiple times to halt the legal proceedings. Their last effort claimed that the search giant would not be able to gather evidence of their hiring practices asked for by the court. Google, who is the world leader on information and tracking claimed that collecting this information would be “an impossible task”. The court did not agree.

With the judges latest decision, lawyers will have access to this information in order to find proof if Google is indeed basing employment decisions on a political and racial bias.

Source: Fox News


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