BGR’s last glimmer of hope of journalistic integrity is gone


Oh BGR, really now? We already have a name for you we use here. It starts with T and ends on a roll. And we are used to you twisting facts and figures to suit what your agenda usually is, but using CIRP figures to help you’re argument? That’s just sad. 

Comscore numbers came out, and Windows phone has edged out BlackBerry by .1%. I personally hate that, but really, it is no surprise. We can’t get BlackBerry phones in most of our carrier stores anymore. Verizon is the only carrier that is carrying the current device. T-Mobile’s Magenta Madman has seemingly declared a war on BlackBerry and it’s fans. On the flip side, you can walk in to any carrier and buy a brand new Windows Phone. And with the Nokia 520, you can actually get a pretty decent entry level smart phone for less than $70. With the marketing, the pricing, the fact that you can go anywhere and purchase a Windows Phone, vs what BlackBerry fans have to go through to get devices? As it is right now, I am waiting for a Q5 to make it’s way to me from Canada. Now how many regular folks would go to the trouble to get a spare phone? Not many. And yet, even with all this, WP beat BlackBerry by .1%? I’m sorry guys, I see this as a win. If BlackBerry was as readily available as Window’s phone, I don’t think there would be any competition there.

Yet, here come’s BGR’s Brad, not to be confused with UTB’s Brad (how dare you!) with an article entitled “BlackBerry fan’s last glimmer of hope in U.S. market is gone“. I’m not surprised. I was waiting for it. I was anxious to see how they would run with it. I figured they would claim victory for their beloved iPhone (they did) and claim BlackBerry was dead or dying (they did) and I was ready to write my response. But after I read the article, I had to calm myself. I had to get past the laughter before I was able to start typing again.

BGR Brad, you cited CIRP’s “results” in your article. You should really maybe, I don’t know, maybe search the net for info before you cite sources? Tell you what, BGR Brad, click here and read these articles by UTB Brad. I did the work for you.

Also, you stated BB has shifted focus towards low cost devices for emerging markets? Since when was releasing a low cost device shifting focus. Yes, the Z3 shall be here soon, but so will the Q20. You have heard of that device right? And the fact that other devices are in the works? I mean really, when Apple released the 5c, did that mean that they were shifting focus towards overpriced plastic? No it didn’t. And it’s a good thing too, as those phones didn’t sell and are causing Apple a bit of heartache right now. Or will be once they patch just a few security holes.




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    Bravo…bravo. way to tell him how it is. locco_smiley_10

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    A well reasoned discussion.