BGR Goes All UTB… And Fails Miserably

Thanks Dave, loves this pic so much, I used it too!
Thanks Dave, loves this pic so much, I used it too!


It seems to me that everyone is going all UTB all of a sudden! BlackBerry centric sites are finally getting angry, and firing back at those sites that are lobbing ridiculous reviews about the BlackBerry Passport. I’m not presumptuous enough to say they’re following our lead, after all, we are the new kid on the block, and I’m not going to assume the larger sites that have been around for a few years would be reacting to the small site that hasn’t even had their first anniversary yet. In truth, they are probably following BlackBerry. BlackBerry under John Chen, with the BlackBerry Fact Check, has been fighting back on their own. And perhaps these other blogs are taking a cue, that BlackBerry isn’t going to let other’s kick down their sandcastles any longer. Of course it may also have something to do with BlackBerry’s sudden success with the Passport. Selling out so quickly, is surely showing those that doubted before, that BlackBerry is back! All the positive buzz on the BlackBerry Passport, and all the negative buzz on the iPhone 6, is enough to get someone that charges to the front of a line for an iPhone, to start talking about BlackBerry again! Good job Mr. Chen!

And now, it feels like there are allies on the field! Suddenly, the BlackBerrian army just got bigger. Some may be a little timid, not wanting to actually say the names of those that wrote the troll reviews they’re upset about. But some are willing to spell it out, and point the reader directly to those that have been giving obvious biased reviews. Our friend Jubei Raziel did just that over at Berryflow. He was very clear on his opinions about different reviews, and apparently raised the ire of Brad Reed over at BGR.

And that other Brad thought he would give Jubei’s article the UTB treatment in an article not-so-imaginatively titled “BlackBerry fanboy rips into everyone for being too stupid to understand the Passport’s greatness” Obviously Other-Brad is upset. I don’t blame him. After all, BGR are as much fanboys of Apple as we are fanboys of BlackBerry. And while suddenly, BlackBerry fanboys have so much to be happy for and excited about, Apple fanboys…sigh. You see, Apple has had issues. From the various issues of iOS8, and the resulting updates to try (and fail) to fix those issues (who really wants to make phone calls on a phone right Other-Brad?), to celebrities suddenly having their fans know entirely too much about them, to even bendy phones?! It’s got to be rough! But see, here’s the problem with other-Brad, he’s not very good at the UTB Treatment.


We here at UTB take pride in what we do. We make it a point that we can answer points that we have issue with in other articles. We will correct what we see as wrong. Other-Brad just didn’t ever get there. Other-Brad’s article was the written equivalent of pointing fingers and calling names. By now, if you’ve been reading UTB, I’m sure your used to our commentary mixed in to quotes from articles which we find. Let’s take a look at Other-Brad’s commentary.

And he’s just getting warmed up.

This is in response to Jubei listing off several of the issues that Apple has already had since the release of the new iPhone. Very insightful Other-Brad.

Raziel is right that you shouldn’t review a BlackBerry Passport like you’d review an iPhone or Android phone or Windows Phone. BlackBerry isn’t targeting the consumer audience anymore and if you review the device, you ought to review it on its own terms and not your own.

That said, the Verge review that Raziel railed against tried to do exactly that by reviewing the Passport specifically as a productivity device that could be used for getting real work done. Indeed, Seifert dedicated a good portion of his review to the BlackBerry Hub, which is a productivity-focused one-stop messaging center whose concept he liked even though he found its implementation lacking.

This is Other-Brad’s most thought out argument. This is probably where he spent the most amount of his time on this blog. And he spent it sticking up for The Verge review. Which in itself damages Other-Brad’s credibility. Want to see the proper UTB Treatment of The Verge review? Click here.

But wait: Raziel isn’t even close to being finished to denouncing society for shunning BlackBerry over the years.

Then he quotes Jubei, and comes back with…


Yes. Seriously. That really happened. Apparently “wow” is a valid argument in BGR-land. As opposed to presenting a point of view, he simply mock’s Jubei’s point of view. I w ould gladly give a counterpoint to Other-Brad’s counterpoint, if he had one. So instead, I will respond to “wow” with a “really?” seems fair right?

And it gets even better. After ripping into consumers for being brainwashed into thinking the mobile device they own makes them superior to people who own rival devices, Raziel goes on to boast about the fact that… BlackBerry users are superior to people who own rival devices.

No, seriously.

By now I’m sure you’re seeing the wit behind the man that is Other-Brad. I think Other-Brad has come up with something entirely different than the UTB Treatment. It simply looks like the UTB Treatment. Let’s call it the BGR Method. The way I see it, you simply restate what was already said, then make a snide comment after it. Got it!

At this point, you’d expect me to make some snide comments. But no: Some things just don’t need the added commentary to be flat-out hilarious. This is one of them.

No. You have it wrong Other-Brad. I wasn’t expecting a snide remark. I was expecting you to make a point. You obviously take issue with Junei’s article, yet you make no arguments against it. I understand that may be difficult right now. I mean, the Passport is surprising all of us. Who would have thought it would sell out so fast? Who would have thought there would be so many people still trying to get their hands on one? Who would have thought that Apple could make this many mistakes in such a short time?

Here at UTB, our friend Biggly has been saying for some time that the tide is turning. I’m going to step on his toes a little bit here to say that the tide has already turned. BlackBerry is beating it’s own projections on it’s road to profitability. The Z3 continues to sell out in market’s in which it was introduced. The Passport sold out in record time, and many of us are still waiting to be able to purchase ours. We are seeing those that very publicly left the BlackBerry community trying to slide their way back in. And those bloggers who cherished the fact that iPhone seemed untouchable, are suddenly feeling the need to defend Apple, and the app launcher they produce. Yes my BlackBerry family, the tide has surely turned, and it’s our turn to ride that wave to the top.




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  • Blackjack

    Wow, Brad. Seriously?

    • Brad

      You make a great point Blackjack.


  • nnik

    Passport sure surprised me, I wasn’t going to buy one. Yet two days after launch its in my pocket.
    My perception on those other sites is they are in it for the money….utb is not, they just like BlackBerry

  • veeru789

    Excellent. And I appreciate the fact that you have defended Berry flows article even when they compete for the same clicks. Well done Brad. You have just proved that UTB is all about true BlackBerry fans. Well done indeed.

  • Bigglybobblyboo

    Get off my toes!

  • Canuckvoip

    Hey, that pic really gets around!

  • Wayno

    Way to go Brad!

  • BB Racer !!

    And Other Brad…..and
    Other Media….etc…..BlackBerry has the real nail in the coffin for ya…….coming November the no nonsense secured BES 12 the best EMM/MDM offering period will be released. This will be followed by the silently but highly requested by enterprise and even consumers, the BlackBerry Classic phone will also be launched !

    So for the Other Verge, Other WSJ Stern et al your reviews don’t matter !!!
    We know what your up to……the Jig is Up !

    Hint :
    Other Media if your going to write on BlackBerry focus on QNX and Project IoN ……I hear something WIDE is happening there !!!

  • Poita316

    “BGR Goes All UTB… And Fails Miserably”
    One could just delete “goes all utb and” and one has what BGR does every time. Fail and fail miserably. Because they always do as they like to do now once again. BGR, like 95% of their following is unable to not troll, be unbiased and is at any point unable to go into an discussion without mud throwing or childlike behaviour.
    They refuse to see flaws or use “no” as a valid argument for when their view is being wrecked, abused and b*itchslapped with a well argumented and unbiased reply.
    BGR; Baby Geller Reporting

  • G-bone

    So…I saw their headline on my Goggle Alerts about BlackBerry. I recognized it for what it was: an attempt to bait BlackBerry community into giving them clicks. I didn’t. BGR is the online equivalent of the National Enquirer.
    And The Verge? What can you say about a tech sight run by a bitter little man who used to sit uner the geek tree in high school and now tries to convince the world that he’s cool? I mean, dude tries to put together his own online tech version of the Tonight Show?
    More to be pitied then laughed at.
    BGR? I didn’t expect that they would actually have something to say. Just stupid headlines to post.


  • Robert

    I must admit that I enjoy Jubei’s articles. He has a passion for BlackBerry and expresses it very well through his writing. He may be a bit long winded but nevertheless I’ll read it to the end.

    Other-Brad taking a shot at him was as big a fail as falling on your face while trying to impress that girl you’ve always liked. Doesn’t he understand that BlackBerry fans are a tight group and we all stick together? He tried to pull a UTB and failed.

    @Brad you have a way with words and what you have done to Other-Brad is give him a virtual Bitch slap with a touch of UTB.


    • Gnomesane

      It almost certainly helped BerryFlow’s site traffic, lol, judging by the number of comments. And the majority were positive, so the community is rallying.

      I too generally like his opinion pieces, but not always with some of his characterizations. I’ve found his propensity for selfies a bit odd personally but someone pointed out he’s a model so that puts it in perspective I guess.

      At any rate, he’s a fan of the platform with his own unique POV and that’s nothing but a good thing for the BlackBerry community in general.

      I found Brad Reed’s response more snarky and dismissive than anything else. Couple that with WSJ’s Joanna Stern’s blanket statement that BlackBerry users are the worst, or most abusive users (or something to that effect) and I’m beginning to wonder if this is part of an emerging pattern – to characterize BlackBerry users as unreasonable, arrogant etc.

  • mrabody

    You can see what the problem is for publications like BGR and the Verge. They don’t claim to be Apple fan sites but rather to report on a broader range of tech matters. So they need to maintain a veneer of objectivity in order to keep a large chunk of their readership and also to give credibility to their comparisons between phones.

    We’ve seen how Computer Bild was blacklisted by Apple earlier this week and you can be sure the same tactics are used by Apple against a lot of ostensibly neutral tech publications. Funny how the first mention of bendgate by the Verge was their Potemkin tour of Apple’s testing facility. And after Consumer Reports pronounced the 6+ unbending, BGR pronounced the controversy over and began censoring any commenter who tried to post the second Unbox Therapy video which basically refuted CR.

    So these supposedly independent sites have to perform the balancing act that is polishing the iTurd but not appearing to do so. Because of course it’s the illusion of objectivity which is most valuable to both them and Apple.

    • Gnomesane

      That’s a very good point. It’s their bread and butter and no one wants to be on Apple’s (s)hitlist! “Illusion of objectivity” that benefits both parties. Well said, I like that.

    • veeru789

      Well said.

    • jrohland

      They actually have a responsibility to their readers to give an unbiased, true evaluation of the hardware they are reviewing. When they allow themselves to be controlled by a device manufacturer they have a conflict of interest. It is OK for them to have that conflict if they expose that in the article. What is insidious is they pretend to be independent when they are anything but.

    • Blackjack

      “They don’t claim to be Apple fan sites but rather to report on a broader range of tech matters. So they need to maintain a veneer of objectivity”

      replace that with BlackBerry fan sites and you have CrackBerry and N4BB

  • Anthony

    BGR Brad laid-out Jubei’s article for BGR reader-sheep and could only say “wow” because it’s true.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Some of the bloggers are behaving like those faux news crew. It’s not about reporting anymore. It’s spouting propaganda. Readers need to catch up and understand how the media landscape has change tremendously. We can no longer rely on passive reading and be spoon fed anymore. We have to do our own research to gauge the validity of these so call opinion pieces. Once in awhile, you still see a little tag hiding saying that certain article you are reading is advertisement. Now it’s no longer that visible.


    As in politics, where if you cannot debate an idea you criticize it’s presenter with personal attacks, so it is, now, in the tech world. These alleged authors can no longer attack BlackBerry without fear of being corrected and made to look foolish. So, all that is left to them is the personal attack against those who bring the truth to the market. Some, who have no deep end in their brain pool, believe and follow. Others see what is going on and decide for themselves.

    BlackBerry people are of the latter group.

  • mrabody

    I’ve actually got a short blog post I’d like to submit to you guys that will take a nice shot at BGR. How do I go about submitting it?

    • Blackjack

      Standby mrabody will get you set up.

      • Blackjack

        You’re set up mrabody- when you log in you will see a dashboard in the upper left..add new post, preview and publish. Let us know here and it will be reviewed by an editor.

        If you’re in the forum send me a PM and I will keep an eye out.

  • Outstanding Brad! locco_smiley_10

    Excellent. I had the same feeling that his article was vague and more opinionated than anything.

    And I hope you do the same thing for that WSJ lady who doesn’t like the Passport. I saw her in an interview and the only concrete thing she had to say is the Passport is “top heavy,” which remains to be seen.

    These people aren’t journalists. They’re fanboys and girls who pose has neutral analysts. I expected this lady to have some insight I hadn’t thought of, I mean, she writes for the WALL STREET JOURNAL! Anyway, excellent job!!!

    • Gnomesane

      The top heavy comment flabbergasts me. It’s not. And actually, wouldn’t the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus be prone to the same issue? Like the Passport they both fall under the Phablet range. I haven’t played with either but they’re longer than the Passport and actually it’s greater width should better offset the increased length.

      But again, it’s not top heavy. I keep shaking my head when I read that. If someone finds it top heavy, then in tribute to Steve Jobs I’d tell them “You’re holding it wrong”.

      • Anthony

        If you rest your fingers right behind the keyboard it will be top heavy. You could hold any phone like that and it would be top heavy.

        When I type on the Passport my fingers touch the BlackBerry symbol on the back. It’s not top heavy.

        • Gnomesane

          Exactly. If I’m reading a book and hold it by the bottom corners then it’s top heavy too. But nobody holds a book that way. And nobody is going to hold a BlackBerry Passport (or iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4, etc) that way either.

          It’s not top heavy. Weakest, lamest and flat out wrong criticism i’ve read so far…

        • Blackjack

          You mean every phone but the Torch don’t you?

  • Berry_Goooood

    Brad “Frodo Baggins” Reed is a total joke of a “tech blog” editor. I use tech blog very lightly because BGR is nothing more than a bunch of two bit hacks writing/posting pro-Apple propaganda. As an example of Brad Reed’s fine work *eyeroll*, just search for an article he wrote about John Chen and nepotism.. because apparently all of the senior executives that Chen brought with him from Sybase, etc were all relatives. SMFH. The crap that Brad posts about BBRY is usual just some page hit whoring flamebait that draws out the usual troll losers in droves… like a bunch of idiot moths drawn to a flame.