BGR Contradicts a Boy Genius

The Apple Watch is arriving for some of those easily excitable folks that stayed home to pre-order the device that most critics couldn’t really find many nice things to say about.

One of those that no one should have been surprised about was Jonathon S. Geller. We know all about Geller here at UTB. Founder of BGR, sometimes Bloomberg sidekick, who keeps telling us BlackBerry is dead, as they continue to grow.

Well, Jonathon received his Apple Watch, and anyone who accidentally clicked the follow button on his Twitter at some point in time, received a full days worth of him gushing about his new little contraption.

Jonny was excited. Entirely too excited.

I thought my Twitter feed was an Apple commercial.

And it may have been.

But one of his statements stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I even replied. He ignored me as is typical of the @BoyGenius who is no longer a boy and I doubt was ever a genius.


Now I have a lot of gadgets. I have had a fairly large amount of BlackBerry phones and Playbooks. And I’ll grudgingly admit I’ve also had a fairly large amount of Android tablets and iPods. And, I love Bluetooth. I have speakers, headphones, keyboards, and a poor lost mouse somewhere.  Basically, unless I’m working my day job, odds are I’m connected to something via Bluetooth.

And let me tell you. Regardless of what device I’m using, and what device it’s connected to, Bluetooth sucks battery. Now, I’m not one of those that turn off Bluetooth religiously when not in use. I find that with modern devices, I don’t notice the drain as much as on older generation devices. But when in use, yes, battery drains noticeably faster.

So what in the world was Jonny talking about? Did Apple discover a magic well that allows Bluetooth to not use power? Does their flexible phone hide a hidden power source for their Apple Watch?

It appears not. In fact, it appears many iPhone 6 users are experiencing ‘excessive battery drain’ while using the Apple Watch. And who reported this news that is so contradictory to Jonathon’s tweet? Why none other than Jonathon’s own site, BGR. You know that’s got to sting just a little.

Battery drain due to Bluetooth? It’s not unheard of. And it might not be excessive. But I know, as I sit here and type this on my BlackBerry Passport, while Bluetooth streaming music to my Aftershokz headphones, that my battery will still last me my day. However, I can understand iPhone users frustration with their oh so petite battery that keeps them closer to a wall socket than their loved ones. I feel sorry for them. Perhaps Apple will innovate and try a wired connection on the Apple Watch 2.


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