BGR – Apple Security Is As Bad As Android

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Yep, he’d be better at keeping your iPhone safe.

You KNOW when it really is time to hang the black flags out for Apple on security when even the permanent home of our resident iDiot recognises that it is utterly, utterly, useless.

And who can blame them?

DoulCi have rendered Apple’s Kill Switch completely unusable by either bypassing the iCloud or making the iPhone completely invisible as in this video:

Find My iPhone Disabled – Doulci

We’ve also reported on how Siri let’s you into a locked iPhone and, just to compare the two, how Android phones are now coming pre-installed with Malware.


So, if the Daddy of them all, the ones who will defend Apple and put down BlackBerry at EVERY OPPORTUNITY are now saying that Apple’s security is crap then maybe the tide is turning for even them too!

Here’s the BGR article, you’ll no doubt be expressing utter shock at the headline:

It Turns Out iOS Isn’t Much Safer Than Android For Enterprise Use

A new report from Marble Security reveals that while Android has significant security issues due to malware-ridden third-party application stores and the ecosystem’s software fragmentation, iOS isn’t that much safer for use in an enterprise environment.

According to the company, both mobile operating systems pose risks to the enterprise, for different reasons.

“Some people believe that iOS is a more secure operating system than Android. This report maintains that neither iOS nor Android is inherently more secure than the other,” the report reads. “That said, Apple controls app distribution and OS version control in a more secure way, which creates a more secure operating environment than Android. However, the risks to enterprises allowing employees to bring in their own devices, whether iOS or Android-based, are not that dissimilar.”

The company cited an report that counted 11,868 different types of Android devices running different Android versions, with some of them having “security vulnerabilities, old patch levels, insecure configurations, or unsecured apps installed from the factory.” The wide variety of Android devices and third-party Android app stores, and the open nature of Android, are all factors that make it easier for hackers to create apps with malicious intentions for Google’s platform, such as the bitcoin-mining apps that were found in the Google Play Store recently.

However, iOS device users can also install apps that have not been vetted by Apple, after jailbreaking their devices. The company has also detailed a silent kind of iOS jailbreak app that manages to hide the jailbroken status of the device, which would allow attackers to take advantage of a device. Furthermore, attackers can target iOS and Android devices through similar means, including SMS or through Wi-Fi hotspots.

“It is our view that within three months of the release of new iOS or Android versions that there is no difference in the risk of jailbreak or rooting, and that tools to prevent detection are similar on both platforms,” Marble Security wrote.

The company found that both platforms are equally exposed to phishing, spear-phishing, SMS-phishing and App-phishing and to SSL vulnerabilities, revealing that the hackers who managed to hold iOS devices for ransom in Australia first phished data from iPhones and iPads.

Furthermore, iOS devices can be targeted through websites. “This attack strategy requires a user to visit a web page on their iPhone or iPad. If that user installs a hostile configuration profile, then the enterprise is at risk for intercepted traffic, fake app installation, sophisticated phishing, and APTs,” the report said.

The study further revealed that the app categories with the most variable risk behavior for enterprise are social networking and productivity apps on Android, and games and news apps on iOS. The company has apparently analyzed more than 1.2 million apps on both Android and iOS for the study, which can be accessed in full by following the source link below.


No way!

Look, let me remind everyone of a some VERY important facts.

Employees and CEO’s are now being held LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for loss of data.

It’s not JUST A PHONE that anyone can foist upon all the other employees whatever their trendy friends think is cool.

Remember this…

No one has ever hacked a BlackBerry.

And no one ever got FIRED for buying them.

Seriously, when you have the facts to hand, in business, who the hell would even contemplate an iPhone?

And if you have already moved…

Get #BackToBlack yesterday before it affects your job prospects.

Source: BGR


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