Beta Program for DTEK50 is about to open!



BlackBerry is certainly sharing the love for the new DTEK50! Invitations were sent out earlier today to join the Beta program. Those who accepted are supposed to receive an email tomorrow making it official. But before you scream NDA I know the drill- the First Rule of the Fight Club is that we don’t talk about the Fight Club. Well we here at UTB take NDAs seriously and would never breach BlackBerry’s confidence.

As this is their newest handset offering they are utilizing the Beta Program to reach out to users for their feedback on what works and what needs improving. It does not guarantee that every suggestion will be taken, however it gives BlackBerry hundreds or thousands of extra eyes for field testing. From my experience in the PRIV Beta I was pleasantly surprised how receptive they were to user feedback.

Herein lies the difference between manufacturers. While we may not agree with every decision made they have been fairly transparent about the direction they are taking. When John Chen stated that consumers will decide which direction the company takes with regards to handsets, you can’t get more granular than that. But enough corporate mumbo jumbo.

In the short time since the launch we’ve seen-





All in all I’m loving the DTEK50 more every day. As I said previously, “the size is just right“, no fancy bezels, or colors, just a good, honest value.


Now if I could only convince BlackBerry to include the Picture Password…..






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  • alan510

    Nice to hear about this initiative. The BlackBerry 10 beta zone suffered from leaks to CrackBerry on a very regular basis. I think it hurt the program badly. Let’s hope this goes better.

    • razrrob

      Good point Alan!
      I was always curious why CB gets preferential treatment just to crap all over BlackBerry by leaking info, bashing the brand, or letting supporters get bullied in the Forums for supporting the Brand….

      • Nayalm

        It got to the point i was embarrassed knowing i have an account at CB!!!

        • razrrob


          If you know anyone over there invite them to UTB where it’s OK to like BlackBerry