Best Buy is Russian out of this deal!


We at UTB are all about the smartphones and tech – while geopolitical issues may cloud other topics, we have easily avoided that quagmire/cesspool. Just a few days ago major news outlets announced that Best Buy was severing all ties with Kaspersky Labs. You see Kaspersky Labs is a Russian based company and the #1 electronics retailer in the U.S. was concerned they may fall under the influence of the Russian government and start Putin spyware or other malware into their software (see what I did there).

Evidently this is not a one-off situation. According to reports-

The U.S. administration had in July removed Kaspersky from its lists of approved vendors used by government agencies to purchase technology equipment.

Not sure exactly what the future may hold for other Kaspersky agreements/partnerships but you can rest assured there will be no lack of drama!



He looks like he’s doing a piece for SNL News….


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