BES12 and Security



Earlier today E wrote about BlackBerry’s MDM/EMM solutions and how critical they are to companies in keeping their information safe. Unfortunately in these days of gaming, selfies, and texting, concepts like Security and Privacy seem to fall upon deaf ears. It’ll never happen to me, I have nothing to hide, or my system can’t be hacked, are just examples of denial (no, not the river in Egypt). It’s not uncommon to read about hacks online, or hear about them on the news, but it’s a whole other story when it happens to you.

As you can see the letter I received today is somewhat vague, but hackers could potentially have peoples name, address, and social security numbers. This company is global and has well over 100,000 employees. The cost for not going with a secure system will be staggering.

CIO’s need to learn a lesson before it’s too late,
When it comes to MDM/EMM the choice is clear-




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