Bendgate – Can It Get Any Worse For Apple?

Bent iPhone

A botched launch, an upgrade causing wifi and lagging issues, appalling iPhone 6 performance in drop tests, the Fappening…

Could it get any worse for Apple?

It just did.

Welcome to #Bendgate.

It would appear iPhonians have a new problem with the super amazing new iPhone.

It BENDS in your pocket. Don’t believe me? Here’s just ONE example on the web:

Easy, huh?

And the internet is ALIVE with people giving examples and making justifiable complaints. just search for the #Bendgate hashtag to see what I mean.

Tim Cook was reportedly thrilled by the inital sales for the new iPhone.

I doubt he’ll be so pleased with the returns figure.

Doesn’t it make you pleased you didn’t get one in Miami and show it off to the press on your way out of the store?

After all, who’d want to look an iDiot?

Better to come #BackToBlack.

Better to buy a BlackBerry.


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