Behold! Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2!

Take my money!

The first trailer for the new installment of the Avengers franchise was all build up. It got fan’s of the comics and the movies hearts pumping with excitement. The newest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t fail to deliver in that aspect either.

The shock of the heroes as they see what they’re up against. Heroes coming together to fight the ultimate battle. Heroes fighting and heroes being on the wrong side of victory. And jokes. A few jokes. Just because Marvel knows how to do that. (Take a hint DC) This trailer has it all.

This is the movie which Marvel has been building for all along. And the movie which will change the direction of their movie universe. We will undoubtedly see some of our favorites fall, as actor’s contracts are fulfilled and room is made for more characters. One has to wonder, after fighting Thanos, what comes next? A return to street level thugs and starting fresh? Or heading straight for Galactus to go bigger and badder? The movie fan in me would love to see that battle, but the aging comic fan wonders if there will be enough to pull in the average movie goer when all the big threats are over and it’s back to fighting minor villains.

For most, the highlight of this trailer has to be finally seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy interacting with the earthbound Marvel heroes. Of course, with a movie this size, you just can’t fit all the characters in a two minute trailer. Were your favorites included? Who did you miss?



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