$BBRY – Mobile Today – ‘BlackBerry To Make Biggest B2B Impact In 2014’

These People Are NOT Daft...
These People Are NOT Daft…

According to the leading UK mobile industry magazine Mobile Today, BlackBerry is set for a comeback in the world of B2B (Business To Business) communications in a BIG way in 2014.

The publication conducted a survey of readers over the last 2 weeks with over 1,000 adding in their two cents as to who they thought would be making waves in business and enterprise this year.

And, in more evidence of the tide turning, it quickly became a foregone conclusion with a whopping 62% of votes going BlackBerry’s way as to whom the mobile industry thinks is going places.

If you compare that to the measly 25% of votes for Apple and the desultory 8%, 1.5% and 0.5% for HTC, Samsung and Sony respectively it would seem that the message is beginning to get through.

You want to do business?

Buy a BlackBerry.

Source: Mobile Today

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