$BBRY $APPL – Mainstream Media… Where Are You?

Dear Mainstream Media… Where the Hell Are You?!!???!!?

Too Scared To Tell The Truth
Too Scared To Tell The Truth?

We here at UTB have been telling the public for days about the iPhone and Mac hacks in Australia and New Zealand. Good for us! We care about you!

We’ve also seen other blogging brethren doing the same thing! Sites like Computerworld, Wired, idigitaltimes, and even BGR for crying out loud! There’s more of course…

But it occurred to me today… where are the mainstream media outlets? Why are they not reporting this scandal? I swear that if something like this were to happen to BlackBerry, the proverbial excrement would be hitting the rotating air movement unit!

But oh no… not for the darling iPOS! A search of iPhone or iCloud hack followed by your favourite news outlet results in almost NOTHING RELEVANT!

NY Times… nothing

The Sun… nothing.

Globe and Mail… nothing etc.

Let’s look at the financial sites…

MSN Money… nothing

Nasdaq… nothing (APPL is pick of the week)

Yahoo… nothing

You sensing a pattern yet? Getting mad yet? More importantly, are you WAKING UP YET?

You must be JOKING! AAPL is up today!!! BlackBerry would have been pummeled!

People are getting screwed over by the thousands, and the mainstream media is sweeping it under the rug. Own APPL shares much? Being told what to do much?

Lost your balls much?

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