$BBRY $APPL – Mainstream Media… Where Are You?

Dear Mainstream Media… Where the Hell Are You?!!???!!?

Too Scared To Tell The Truth
Too Scared To Tell The Truth?

We here at UTB have been telling the public for days about the iPhone and Mac hacks in Australia and New Zealand. Good for us! We care about you!

We’ve also seen other blogging brethren doing the same thing! Sites like Computerworld, Wired, idigitaltimes, and even BGR for crying out loud! There’s more of course…

But it occurred to me today… where are the mainstream media outlets? Why are they not reporting this scandal? I swear that if something like this were to happen to BlackBerry, the proverbial excrement would be hitting the rotating air movement unit!

But oh no… not for the darling iPOS! A search of iPhone or iCloud hack followed by your favourite news outlet results in almost NOTHING RELEVANT!

NY Times… nothing

The Sun… nothing.

Globe and Mail… nothing etc.

Let’s look at the financial sites…

MSN Money… nothing

Nasdaq… nothing (APPL is pick of the week)

Yahoo… nothing

You sensing a pattern yet? Getting mad yet? More importantly, are you WAKING UP YET?

You must be JOKING! AAPL is up today!!! BlackBerry would have been pummeled!

People are getting screwed over by the thousands, and the mainstream media is sweeping it under the rug. Own APPL shares much? Being told what to do much?

Lost your balls much?

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  • razrrob

    The American Media are a bunch of Eunuchs!

    This is people’s pictures, contacts, calendars, music, etc.

    The thing I can’t understand is why the Apple customers are storming the Cupertino Castle demanding Tim Cook’s head on a pole.

    • Canuckvoip

      Nobody seems to care! Just because it’s an iPOS!
      Corporate collusion?

      • ray689

        The corporate and media corruption along with stock manipulation and transferring wealth from the middle class to the rich runs so deep that even if we were to speculate we wouldn’t even hit the tip of the ice berg. The truth is stranger than fiction.

    • newcollector

      Fox News this morning ran a feature on the iPhone hack in Australia and how to prevent it happening.

  • Anthony

    This media silence is actually golden. Hackers will have to turn it up a notch and brick working units all over the world. A tot iPhone meltdown. locco_smiley_29

    • Canuckvoip

      Burying your head in the sand results in bigger problems. Indeed…

  • Brad

    Exactly!!! Who’s paying who here?

  • xBURK

    Hey Canuckvoip, how can we assist in getting this important news out to the world? Please give exact instructions and I for one will help out.

    • Canuckvoip

      xBurk are you on twitter?
      I find it to be a rather wonderful avenue to slap corporations upside the head!

      • xBURK

        I do. (I just don’t use it much)
        Do you suggest tweeting major news sites? Also, do you suggest the articles on this site or a link to another site in regards to the same story?

        • Brad

          You know what I’d prefer. ;-) really though, whatever gets people’s attention. They need to hear the truth.

          I would suggest not directing people to articles on sites where they’ll be bombarded by more negative BlackBerry trolling though.

          • Brad

            And oh yeah… xBurk? We won’t delete your threads. :D

            • xBURK

              Wow,it’s like you’re in my living room. Lol, creepy.

              • Brad

                lol! I popped in to a soap opera last night, and read a bit… :)

          • xBURK

            Got it. Thanks

  • ray689

    Apple and Google have friends in high places in the US. The media is a joke and is their lacky plain and simple.

    • Canuckvoip

      Nailed it big time.

  • G-bone

    American Media love to bash BlackBerry because they are the only OS that is not American owned.
    Sadly, Canadian media, et al, too often take their cues from the American Propaganda Machine.
    Oh, well. We’ll get there. And the problems of the other guys cannot be ignored / denied / swept under the rug forever…


    • Canuckvoip

      No kidding G-bone!
      I find it absolutely hilarious that phones built by American Free Trade partners are looked down upon by Americans (Canada and Mexico).
      Whilst phones built by foreign entities (China/Korea) are loved.
      Cuz the software is American? Is that it?
      Where did the Free Trade jobs go?

  • nnik

    oops…you said balls

    • Canuckvoip

      May or may not say it again…

  • newcollector

    BlackBerry has to bear some of the credit for all the bashing because they were the top dog and my how the mighty have fallen. The news media loves to print when a company falls or even a celebrity for that matter.

    That being said, the media has gotten lazy and doesn’t do the leg work to report stories accurately. So often bloggers would just rather quote some other blogger and the news media then accepts the blog at face value based on whether the blog supports it’s agenda or not.

    American news media does not hate on BlackBerry because it is Canadian. It hates on it because the king has fallen on hard times and it is easy to kick BlackBerry while it is down. They did the same thing when IBM struggled.

    Like I posted earlier, Fox news ran a piece on the hack job this morning. The other duolCi hack I haven’t seen anywhere but here. The best way to get the news media on it, is to cultivate the story by sending it to the proper editors. That is our best hope to get the truth out.

    With all that being said, we have to make sure we do not come across as “haters” of another platform, thus stooping to their level. It’s one thing to show the weakness of another product, it is far better to trumpet your products strength. We just need more and better trumpeters.

    • Canuckvoip

      Thanks for taking the time to comment newcollector, I appreciate it. I’ll admit to being a little more than “peeved” when I wrote it.
      I know that we’ve been on a bit of a tear with “exposing” the faults of other systems/platforms lately, but that’s just what has been presented to us in almost real-time. It comes and goes in cycles.
      Here at UTB we try very hard to present things in a truthful manner along with some “colour”. To be honest, I don’t “hate” other platforms. What I do hate though is how the media props up the darlings (or sweeps the negative under the rug), all whilst vilifying BlackBerry. That motivates me to expose the truths that so many would turn a blind eye to.
      Again, thanks for the comments!

    • I really like your comments newcollector. I’m wondering if/how we get in touch with a real news outlet’s editor… CNet? Wired? Engadget?

      Anyone have some ideas? We could send them an email…

  • Canuck. I totally agree that BB would be crucified if this happened to them. It really is crazy how out of favor BB has become. Newcollector had a good point about the media liking to beat up on a big guy when he has fallen and celebrate the little guy when he rises up. Everyone loves the underdog. BB has become the underdog, but it will take time and some clever marketing for the general public to accept this and be open to BB again.

    • Canuckvoip

      We are the front line James…
      Thanks for your comments. Always appreciated. Perhaps a groundswell. I’ve converted 5 at work. We just need to stay positive, educate, and enjoy.