BBMoji Companion App Arrives in Google Play Store

While it may not be officially within the BBM app yet, the app has shown up on the Google Play Store, and they work!

Plenty of users have been very excited for the upcoming BBMoji. While the new addition was teased in one of the latest BBM Beta releases, it quickly disappeared in the next update. Now, the BBMoji companion app has arrived in the Google Play Store, presumably getting ready for widespread release.

You can go grab the app here, and go ahead and make yourself up as your own sticker. This is a very simple process which uses your phone’s selfie camera to take a photo of your features, and build the emoji off of that. You can then customize that character by changing hair styles, colors, expressions, etc.

You would think this would be all that you could do until the option is released in BBM, but it’s not. You can actually use the feature. Once your character is complete, you can choose to use in BBM and the BBMoji takes the place of your emoji and stickers within the app. Until you hit the back button. Once you hit the back button, you’re returned to normal BBM, and to get BBMoji back, you need to go back through the companion app.

The switching between BBMoji and your regular emoji/stickers is kind of frustrating for the time being. But that is because the option hasn’t actually been made live yet. A quick look at the apps FAQ shows you how it will work once fully released. When going to your stickers, you’ll be presented with a tab to use either stickers or BBMoji.

As it stands now, there is a wide range of stickers available immediately for use. And multiple add on sticker packs available at a cost of 99 cents.

A few of our BBM groups have already erupted in BBMoji sticker fights this morning. I’m expecting this to be a very popular update for BBM.

Also, for those wondering if BBM was partnering with Bitmoji in order to bring this functionality, the companion app dispels that rumor. It appears that BBM has partnered with MomentCam Hong Kong Co., Limited, which has made Momentcam Cartoons & Stickers app which has over 50 million downloads with a 4.2 star rating, and AiMee GIF Sticker Keyboard with over 1 million downloads with a 4.2 star rating. All apps appear to use the same methods of creating avatars, and having it be integral to BBM will be a treat.


**Update: For those on the BBM Beta, the tabs to switch between regular BBM Stickers and BBMoji magically appeared, making this a seamless, and incredibly fun addition.


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