BBMC Spotlight: Channel Battle

Channel Battle

There are all sorts of BBM Channels out there. And there are numerous channels that are really only there to promote other channels. You’ll see many reposting, some that will offer a review, others try to condense a few other the posts in to a nice collage. And in all honesty, no offense to any of those operators, but I tend not to go to those channels often. But there’s one guy I know, that was able to twist that concept in to something I can get behind.

Channel Battle, started by one of the original members of the original #IchooseBlackBerry10 crew, takes two channels, that seem to have something in common, and pits them against each other, with subs voting as to who the winner should be. The channel operator will give you a brief synopsis of the channels about to do battle, and will keep you updated as to how the fight goes. Many times, you can get a very good impression of the channel by the comments being left by the voters. And sometimes, you’ll get the channel operators interacting as well.


I remember when I was running my original channel, Under The Bridge, and we had just started UTB blogs, I got pulled in to a battle with a certain Grim character. I was sure I’d win! I had more subs. My subs interacted like I had not seen on any other channel yet. It was a wonderful thing. And I was going against some psycho that disliked iPhones only slightly more than I. I thought I had it in the bag. And I got my butt handed to me by Grim’s Crapple Takedown. That stung. But in the end, I made a new friend out of it, and Grim got bragging rights which he still manages to bring up every now and then. But hey Grim! Where you writing now buddy???

Back to the point. Want to get a flavor of some great channels out there while having fun in the process? Want to join in and promote your channels while trash talking others? There’s a day for that y’know. Join up at Channel Battle


There’s still time to cast a vote in the current battle between LMAO….Funny Pics and Pun-Tastic 2.0. Just click the Channel Pin C00284CDE on your BlackBerry phone to head there now!


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  • puncheon45

    Wow! Thanks UTB.blogs! When can we expect to see C0028049B in a Channel Battle?

    • Brad

      Well we’d need to find someone that liked to battle us… now who could that possibly be? lol

  • nnik

    The channel- battle you are referring to is also the one I occasionally look at, should probably get there more, should use channels more