BBM will restore the Original Emoji next Update

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever.

The latest BBM update brought over a few UI changes and  a widget change for BBM. The biggest change for most users was that the classic BBM emoji were swapped out with new ones. While the new BBM emoji have the same expressions (for the most part) as the original emoji’s, they also have an entirely different look to them. This new look forced some rather extreme reactions from users, and the overwhelming response was negative.

BBM emoji have been among the best, if not the best, of all the messenger apps out there. Personality is clearly present in each of the little yellow characters, and every BBM user has a favorite. The new emoji just didn’t carry the same personality. Many of the emoji seemed to have a completely different expression altogether. Just look at the smile with the tongue sticking out? What was once a polite way to razz your friends, now looks as if the little guy just ate something yummy.

BBM users across the globe started to ask BBM to revert back to the original emoji. BBM listened, and in a tweet, BBM has confirmed that the classic BBM Emoji’s will be returning. In the modern world of mobile tech, we are used to changes occurring that we’re not always happy with. We are also used to having to simply accept those changes. It is extremely rare that a company will listen to it’s users and make the changes which the users ask for, especially when those changes are reversing a direction that was taken. BBM user’s should be extremely happy that BBM is doing exactly that.

What did you think about the new emoji? Are you glad that the old favorites are returning?


Roy Shpitalnik

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