BBM VS WhatsApp… Royal Rumble!!


After the announcement that WhatsApp will stop supporting BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 at the end of 2016, I decided to make a comparison between the two platforms. One is leading the industry, the second only became available across all platforms about a year-and-a-half ago. Several comparisons were made in the past, but the applications have undergone upgrades and improvements so that today the comparison would be better to select users.

We took both apps for a Head-to-Head fight. Are you ready ?



Similar features can be found in the price, which is free for 2 apps. Until recently, WhatsApp used  to charge users after a year, but it never really happened. BBM of course was always free.

Voice/Video Calls

One interesting feature is the capability to make voice calls over the internet. Worldwide, 4G calls will slowly be replacing the usual phone calls. In comparison, BBM’s voice call quality is much better than WhatsApp’s. Again it should be noted that cross-platform BBM is relatively new compared to WhatsApp.

BBM Video availability is currently limited to use between BlackBerry users, but the service is not yet available for WhatsApp. Still unknown when BBM will be available for video calls via Android & iOS.


Groups are significantly different between BBM and WhatsApp. The 2 apps both have the option of groups, but the similarity ends there. In WhatsApp, anyone can be added to any group without the permission of the person being added to the group. In other words, a user may find themselves in groups that he does not want to be in, completely without his knowledge.

In BBM, group membership is only with the approval and knowledge of the invited users meaning that unlike WhatsApp, BBM users can avoid misfortunes. In BBM each team has a shared calendar that may be used to set reminders for members of the groups (a great tool for groups of family or friends), and also a shared photo album group to share images. In addition, the users in the group can add new items to shared lists.

In WhatsApp,  groups utilise a single conversation alone – all other actions must be performed outside the group. BBM is set to allow multiple chats within a group of friends: one possible discussion will be about football while another in the same group discussion will be another topic.

Here, too, the differences are shown. In WhatsApp you can only send a picture or video, while in BBM you can send any file you want – simple. If you need to send a PDF or XLS file it’s possible. In addition, photos sent between users or in groups do not require downloading to your device and can still be viewed normally from the app. In Groups that share a large amount of images, your memory device or external memory card is not affected.

In WhatsApp, each image you want to see has to be downloaded to the device, otherwise it looks blurry.

Here also you can see differences, especially when it comes to the world-famous BlackBerry security. The Private Chat option is only available in BBM: After several minutes pass with no messages sent, the conversation ends immediately. In addition, BBM users have the option of retracting a sent message, and Timed messages, which allows you to send a message that disappears after a few seconds (up to 20 seconds). In addition, you can choose to quote messages you have seen a very simple manner.

In BBM, it’s simple to share your location for a limited time through Glympse or transfer money using Paypal (only in support countries), both missing features in WhatsApp.

In app store

BBM offers in-app store to enrich your use, with various sticker packs at lower prices (and some even free) to upgrade your conversations, as well as special program: for example, for a symbolic monthly fee you can join a sticker club or security package. In WhatsApp this feature does not currently exist.
Social Network

BBM offers a world of channels and a secure social network that protects its users from SPAM and from the harassment of other users. Channels cover a variety of subjects, so if you find a topic that interests you, as a subscriber, you can get updates on any newly-published channel post. BBM channels allow you to reach an audience that in most cases you couldn’t get without BBM, all in a safe manner. Here, too, WhatsApp is not equivalent.

Beyond its high encryption, BBM allows BBM Protected that offers extra security right inside your normal conversation. Whatsapp offers just standard messaging, without any additional security.



Whatsapp requires a phone number that anyone can then access, even if you don’t really want it shared. In addition, WhatsApp collects your contact information several times per hour and uploads it to their servers.
BBM allows a high level of privacy as you need to get the PIN, SMS or email of an individual you want to add, and of course the invitation has to be accepted. Nobody has the information you need to keep private, and it never goes to anyone without your explicit permission.
The idea is very simple. Go install BBM on the devices of your family members and encourage its use. The mountains of drawbacks with WhatsApp prevents complete, convenient, and secure communications.
BBM by BlackBerry is the clear winner.

Roy Shpitalnik

lived the life of a BlackBerry since 2009 so I was first exposed to 8900. With Israeli cellular world history, training and knowledge for more on BlackBerry, I decided to join the community. When the Media bash BlackBerry on regular basis i decided to Join BerryIL.COM. The true must be published. Contact me on Twitter : @SimpleBerryRoy

  • shaun

    Great Post but the masses just prefer whatsapp why? I don’t know but then they have a inferior OS so what compliments that inferior OS is a inferior I’M app

  • Wayno

    Great comparison Roy, BBM wins hands down!!

  • Anthony

    The reason WhatsCrap is so popular is most likely because Facebook is using their Facebook network of 1.5 billion users to spread the (cr)app.

    Like the advertising for the Chrome browser people see all the time. Google used its ad network to spread Chrome. You can recall the ads, the “your current browser is slow…upgrade to the faster Chrome browser” messages. locco_smiley_5

  • Whatsapp? Case closed guys. Already sharing this article with the uninitiated and unwashed.

    BBM all the way.

  • bartron

    This is an excellent comparison. I hope all WhatsApp users read it.

  • Anthony

    Like this article pointed out, you can share any file. The user has more freedom.

    With BB10 you have more freedom.

    One feature I like in BB10 is pictures change without a “refresh”. In the Pictures app, open a picture, then share it to an app…alter it in that app…then save it to the same spot with the same name (i.e. overwrite it)…then go back to the Pictures app and you’ll see the picture with the changes…no “refresh”…realtime baby locco_smiley_29

    BB10 is the “realtime OS”…the “real deal” locco_smiley_10

    • ray689

      To be fair, whatsapp recently gained the ability to share documents (word, PDF, etc) and any files such as mp3 as well. It just didn’t receive that update on BB10.

      • veeru789

        To be more fair, whatsapp update came after this post. i’m using the latest android app from google playstore and this update wasnt there when this post was made. Also the new whatsapp in beta zone has this feature on BB10.

        • Canuckvoip

          Being fair to Whatsapp is like pardoning a criminal.
          Personal info stealing data mining crap just like it’s owner. Stick with BBM.

          • ray689

            And yes BBM is much better.

        • ray689

          Wrong. It was there before March 1st. Glad you enjoy following me around with your responses.

        • ray689

          Wrong. It was there before March 1st. Glad you enjoy following me around with your responses.

          • veeru789

            Lol…don’t flatter yourself. I get a notification when anyone comments.

            • ray689

              Lol when anyone comments anywhere? Ya okay. Anyways, point was to just state a fact not to get bombarded again. Post and spread whatever. Doesn’t really matter.

  • sologtr

    I love it that BBM works on my kids’ iPads as well. We use BBM to communicate with one another.

  • veeru789

    Great post Roy. What’s app groups are pretty much what we call mutli person chats. They are not really functional. Only advantage is videos can be shared. Not sure if BBM multi chats can also share videos.

    And I remember seeing share location option on what’s app too. Not sure how it works coz never used it.

  • Martin

    BBM is my only messaging app. Slowly but surely I’ve managed to get all of my important contacts, such as family, friends and coworkers onto BBM. It took some time at first, and I even had to help a few set it up, and now they’re hooked and loving it.

  • robthebold

    I don’t use WhatsApp, and I’ve tried to get everyone I know on BBM, but Retracting messages is not a free option. It is a great feature, but subscription only. Just trying to keep us honest when we’re showing how good BBM is.

  • kpbutton

    Great post Roy. We need to find a way to get more people using BBM.

  • @JBravo_NZ Which apps and tools actually keep your messages safe?

  • Alan

    Great post Roy! Love BBM. Got this girl at work on it a couple of days ago. She is hocked already. Says she will get her friends on it, which is cool stuff. I was not aware of all the things BBM is capable of (fascinating). It’s all good. Channel is important too, and of course being able to blend with it. Wow! Someday maybe BBM will make a come back and will be great/greater than ever. So many people have no idea.

  • Observation Junkie

    For anyone who uses WhatsApp , only one answer for the App…. Ctrl, Alt and Delete

  • Tracmila

    If only BlackBerry would make a stand alone BBM app for PC.


    And the best bit about BBM is, NO ADVERTS!

    You can make friends for free and no need to worry that your personal data is being sold to the advertisers.

  • BB Racer !!

    opps Time Messages can be set to expire from 0-60 seconds not 20 seconds

  • robthebold

    It’s so good, the 2 iPhone users beside me are connecting with BBM right now!! Booyah!!

  • darot

    Great article. Thanks, I will share with the people who do not know better. I was WA user due to multisystem support, now BBM is the ultimate communicator.
    One extra future on BBM that we need to mention is screen sharing option. Used and found very helpful.
    BBM is late to multi OS and does not have the Big Facebook Brother. But it slowly gaining user due to better functionality and security.
    Good option would be ability to call regular phone numbers, like Skype. Payment could be done with PayPal.