BBM Updated for iOS and Android

Jeff Gadway over at Inside BlackBerry lets us know that a new update shall be rolling out for BBM on iOS and Android, bringing them up to Version 2.2.

It appears that this update will be streamlining certain processes for the users.

  • Signing up: Now all that will be needed is name, e-mail, and password!
  • Friending: Just click on the e-mail link, cutting down the extra step of sending pin invite.

And the fun part, new emoticons!


Our own bbjoe2011 is on the Beta Android version, ( on a spare device of course, we are BlackBerry users here don’t you know!) and had previously let us know about these changes. Be sure and go back to read his posts.

BBM For Android Updated

New BBM Emojis!

Thank you BlackBerry for making this easier on the Android and especially iOS users. We all know they need it as easy as possible.

And fear not BlackBerry users! Gadway let’s us know that we have our own update coming that not only includes these additions, but a little something extra!

source: Inside BlackBerry



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