BBM Updated Again!


The guys over at N4BB/ IntoAndroid are reporting that BBM for Android has been updated once more!

As we reported here last night, after the update,  when closing BBM down all the way, there was a short period where the BBM icon disappeared, resulting in around a 90 second delay in the first message received after the app had been shut down.

Of course, as with all things BlackBerry, people were in an uproar over this lost 90 seconds, and we went about setting the record straight that BBM did not have a “major bug” but a 90 second delay….. if you completely shut down the app.

Apparently, BlackBerry was not happy with the delay, and set about pushing an update to fix it in record time! Good job BlackBerry! Think of all the seconds they’ve saved! If only everyone corrected issues so fast!



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  • nnik

    And no doubt this news will have some on their pulpits again

    • Ha ha, nnik, unbelievable. And how will they spin this one to make BB look bad?

      Brad, so the lost 90 seconds issue lasted for how many days…? Should this be made into a major hoopla and called “90-seconds-gate?”

      Not only is the company struggling with some mistakes made for a few years, they also have to be 100% perfect or else even their so called fan sites will crap on them. Oh well, I will say one good thing about what happened- BB got it fixed fast possibly due to the bad press? I mean, it’s better not too many of the Android users experienced any issues because God knows, they would have immediately started crapping on BB en masse.

  • newcollector

    The new BlackBerry under Chen dynamically responds to issues. That is a clear sign that the culture has changed, that BlackBerry is more than just alive, it is vibrant! I love it!!

    • Very good point newcollector. You always need someone at the helm that thinks like a customer and imagines new ways to better meet customer needs. Engineers, operations guys, nor finance people typically have this perspective. Chen has it. I can’t wait to see how BB markets to the US when the time comes.