BBM Updated Again!


The guys over at N4BB/ IntoAndroid are reporting that BBM for Android has been updated once more!

As we reported here last night, after the update,  when closing BBM down all the way, there was a short period where the BBM icon disappeared, resulting in around a 90 second delay in the first message received after the app had been shut down.

Of course, as with all things BlackBerry, people were in an uproar over this lost 90 seconds, and we went about setting the record straight that BBM did not have a “major bug” but a 90 second delay….. if you completely shut down the app.

Apparently, BlackBerry was not happy with the delay, and set about pushing an update to fix it in record time! Good job BlackBerry! Think of all the seconds they’ve saved! If only everyone corrected issues so fast!



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