BBM Stickers Start Strong – Hope It Sticks!


Forbes is reporting that the launch of BlackBerry’s BBM stickers is remarkably strong, pushing it fairly high on the app revenue rankings in many countries against rivals like Viber, Line and WeChat.  BBM is at #3 on iPhone Social Networking app revenue chart in South Africa and Indonesia, and Forbes suggests that the launch seems to be pushing downloads of BBM higher as well.

The article points out that this may be surprising to many, considering BlackBerry’s reputation as a stodgy businessman’s device. Here’s an excellent indicator then that BlackBerry, at least with BBM, has appeal beyond that demographic.

Another interesting point raised is the potential to expand to other offerings through BBM like horoscopes or manga. Personally, that sounds to me like small potatoes considering the potential of something like BBM Money (essentially person-to-person transactions) – please please please BlackBerry hurry that up!