BBM Receives Major Update

Everything you wanted to know about the latest BBM update.

When BBM’s Matthew Talbot joined us on the UTB Blogcast last December, he told us about an upcoming BBM update that would include some fairly major changes to BBM. That update is here.

Matthew took to the BBM blog to let us know the details of the latest updates. While iOS is seeing a bigger overhaul to the UI, Android users shall notice a fair amount of changes as well. From the blog post:

  • Updated icons for Chats, Contacts, Feeds, Contacts and Discover simplify the main navigation menu
  • Discover icon now appears on the main navigation menu
  • BBM Channels moved from main navigation to BBM Discover screen
  • User profile picture, PIN and other information on your settings is now on the “Me” menu
  • Mute conversations by swiping left on items in your chat list—a new feature
  • Friend requests now appear on the Contacts tab
  • Group chat notifications now include name of group members, as well as group name

An added bonus only for Android users, profile picture updates will appear full size in the feeds tab, so we won’t have to click the image to expand. This should make many users happy.

Also in this release, the introduction of the Chatbot API which will allow BBM Channel owners to bring a Chatbot to their Channel Chat, as well as improvements to Channel Analytics.

BBM is my most used app, and I love seeing how it continues to grow.

Note: These updates are from BBM Emtek for Android and iOS. BB10 BBM is still handled by BlackBerry.


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  • Roy shpitalnik

    Good one. BBM is evolve to better places.

  • Ebs69

    ChatBot for the Channel Chat? Well, that sounds interesting!

    • Roy shpitalnik

      Very, Looking foreword to see how channels will implant them

  • jefftam

    So once again, a BlackBerry app is updated but no support for BB10. Seems like iOS and Android have much better versions of BBM that BB10 users will never see. You talk about how BB10 is going to survive, but there’s less reason to use it all the time. I’ve been faithful to this platform, but but it’s getting harder all the time.

  • Timothius

    Individuals and organizations show you who they truly are by their actions; not their words. Ever since the launch of the device that became Priv, BlackBerry and John Chen has treated its BB10 base with disregard and near contempt.

    It is literally embarrassing trying to explain to an Android user that they can video chat with and ios user via BBM but cannot do so with a BB10 user of BlackBerry’s BBM. It is insulting that Android and ios users get updates to BBM while BB10 users get silence–crickets.

    I still have nothing but love for he BB10 platform, which I use daily. As for Chen and the BlackBerry company, I hold them in the same high esteem they have shown themselves, by their actions, to hold me and other BB10 users.

    Accordingly, if the time comes when I am forced to switch to an Android phone because of the disparate treatment I have experienced at the hands of BlackBerry as a BB10 user, I will never purchase a BlackBerry-branded Android. If BlackBerry forces me to drink the Android-laced Kool Aid, I will hold my nose and do so without the BlackBerry label to constantly rekindle my sense of betrayal.