BBM Reaches Major Milestone – 100 Million Downloads in Google Play Store

Today BlackBerry announced that BBM has reached a very important milestone in hitting the 100 million download mark on Google Play Store.  This is a tremendous achievement given the short time BBM has been available cross platform.

BBM for Android has officially achieved a milestone on the Google Play Store: 100 million installs. That puts BBM in the top tier of messaging apps on Google Play, and we got there in a little over a year as we first posted BBM for Android in late October 2013. We have 3.7 million reviews, and just shy of 2.4 million of them are five stars.

Of course, Android is just one of the four platforms on which BBM is now available. The others, of course, are BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone. So while 100 million installs is a big number, it’s still just a fraction of the total.

I know some have asked how this is possible given that BBM reported 90 million active users.  The fact that there are more downloads than active users is very common for all apps and BlackBerry seems to use a metric that measure actual active users.  Those who use the app on a regular basis as apposed to number being thrown out by other messaging services which almost certainly aren’t representative of actual activity.

If you are an Andoird BBM user, be sure to head over to the play store and get the most recent update which has added even more features to the already superior messaging app.  If you haven’t yet downloaded it, go see what the fuss is all about and join the BBM revolution.