BBM on BlackBerry 10 Beats All Comers According to Reviewers


I was just going to post the fact that BBM has just been updated to

That in itself is great because it is constantly being updated and improved. More so than some others I’d bet.

Now this update is merely listing bug fixes and improvements and that’s great but no biggie, right? It got me to thinking though.

When BB10 first came out, BBM had lower ratings than the 4+ stars it gets now. Somehow though it has climbed from the 2+ stars to where it is now. So I thought, how does that stack up to the other guys?

So I looked at Kik and WhatsApp on Google Play. At first glance they look just as popular. Hmmm… Undaunted I started looking at the actual reviews, and uh oh. I’m not going to force feed you, just go look for yourself. If you look at the reviews for Kik and WhatsApp on Gplay you’ll see many reviews lower than what the purported 4+ stars it is averaged out/given. Huh?

If you look at the reviews for BBM on BlackBerry World you will see the proportionate number of 4+ reviews.

Go look and make your mind up for yourself.

Oh… and go update the best messenger on the planet, it’s ready for you.


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