BBM Official Statement About PayPal Exit

After news of PayPal no longer being available on BBM, BBM has issued a short statement on the subject.

The statement from BBM as follows:

BBM continues to build partnerships to provide payment and other financial services to our users. Notably, BBM has entered a strategic partnership with Ant Financial Services Group, a world leading digital financial service provider and parent company of Alipay. PayPal is no longer available as a service on BBM. Please stay tuned for future updates on payment and financial services on BBM.

BBM first announced this new partnership back in April of last year. For the full announcement, head to BBM Blogs here.

Those that were on the BBM Beta version saw that PayPal was missing for some time now. It appears like this change has been in the works for a while, and PayPal decided to notify users once the official version rolled out. I know some looked at the loss of PayPal as a negative, it appears more exciting things are on the way.




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