BBM Money Coming Soon To UK & US?


One of the long held gripes of BlackBerrians in the West has always been BBM Money. Why? Well, not only because it’s a fantastic feature of BBM but that no one could quite understand why it was never implemented. It would make BlackBerry tons of revenue, surely? And all this on the ONLY secure mobile platform in the world.

Yes, there has been a comprehensive rollout of BBM Money in Indonesia and this has been very well received. But nothing in the West so far.

But, if one company is to be believed, this could all change very soon indeed…

UK based Durham Style Clothing, an online fashion boutique, are not only claiming that BBM Money will help you buy your goods from them, they are also saying there will be a tie up with their BBM Channel too:

For all you people who’d like to follow us on BBM, Scan our BBMC tag!

If from what we are hearing from BlackBerry, BBM Money will be coming to UK and US markets via PayPal. If this is the case you will be able to use your trusty BlackBerry 10 device (or any other compatible smartphone) to purchase goods directly from our BBM Channel!

So help us become innovative and lead the way into online BBM Channel Stores and Scan the Smart Tag Below!!


Now, when you think about it it all starts to fit together. Buying goods from a BBM Channel via BBM Money?

With smart tags for shoppers?

If true that really does open a whole new world of possibilities.

We here definitely hope it is.


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  • Canuckvoip

    I love the direction this is going!

  • BB Racer !!

    BBM Channels with BBM Money + BBM Meetings can be one of the best secured Social e-Commerce Enterprise Brand Messenger platform out there !

    Eg. Math Tutor BBM Channels, Family Medicine Advice BBM Channels, Business Sales Consulting BBM Channels, Accounting BBM Channels, Marriage Counseling BBM Channels , Real Estate BBM Channels, Financial Planning BBM Channels , Pharmacy Advice BBM Channels , Physical Therapy BBM Channels etc……

  • BrizBerryDevs

    This would be a seriously game-changing move for BlackBerry and the mobile payments arena. Who wouldn’t want a safe secure way to pay for stuff that has almost universal acceptance, and would probably require no extra sign-ups if you already have a BBM ID and a PayPal account?

    I for one would certainly prefer to use BBM Money and not ApplePay… Trust Apple with my credit card details? No, I think I’d rather not!

  • DLewis13

    Looks to be very interesting. With BlackBerry security, this could be great.

  • Anthony

    Once Channels gets this ability to buy from channels we could see more channels from brands. locco_smiley_10

    Buying should within Channels. Not redirections to web pages.

  • BB Racer !!

    Music Lessons BBM Channels, Play Saxophone Sanborn Way BBM Channels and yes Viagra Pharmacy Advice BBM Channels !!!

  • Wow. This is just amazing. Wow!!!!