BBM Moments – What’s Your Story?

Well Done Dad...
Good Job Dad…

In our hurly burly lives it’s easy to forget that technology is just a tool. At the end of the day we, as human beings, should use technology to help it to enrich our lives, not be taken over by it for the sake of it. The point of technology can easily be lost in a world of making the tech better – not using the technology to make the lives of ourselves and our families better.

It’s the REAL WORLD that counts.

Over on Twitter BlackBerry are asking people for their stories of how they have used the technology that BlackBerry invented, in this case BBM, to make their world just that little bit better through #BBMoment. As you can imagine, there are many stories of how BBM helps people connect, through Messaging, Voice, Video or all the add on features that BBM provides, pictures, sounds, locations and files can all be shared quickly and easily keeping people in touch through work and play and there have been many great stories.

However, one entry, for us, stands out head and shoulders above any others we’ve seen yet. It’s the story of one doting Dad who had to stay in hospital and therefore away from his family who used BBM to stay connected with his loved ones and we thank him far letting us share it with you here:


Last year I had to spend a few nights in the hospital. With my wife at home, 7 months pregnant and with an 18 month old, you can imagine this was not easy on her or me. It was especially hard on our daughter, who was missing out on some bedtime stories that I had read to her every night since months before she was even born. One of her favourite stories was a story app on BlackBerry World. ‘Icky Mr Fox’s Rainbow’, which we read every night.

The first night my daughter was somewhat upset that I wasn’t home and the fact she was missing her bedtime stories but we made do with a simple goodnight BBM Video chat. During the afternoon of the second day I realised just how much BBM could help me and, of course my daughter. That night, after my daughter had her bath and we made our nightly video chat, I asked my wife to hand her Z10 to my daughter.

I immediately started the BBM Screen Share function and opened Icky Mr Fox’s Rainbow. Reading the story to her page by page, and animation by animation, I could hear her giggling on the other end. While I was not present with my family physically. I was there with them at that moment.

When we were finished with the story, I turned off the Screen Share and we said goodnight to my daughter through the video chat. When my wife got back on the phone, I could see she had tears in her eyes and she simply said, ‘That was amazing, your daughters eyes lit up.’

It was at that moment that I knew the message BlackBerry and BBM had been trying to convey. BlackBerry and BBM are not just about communicating, they’re not just about answering emails from the office, they’re about bringing people together.

That will always be my single greatest #BBMoment

Great job Dad.It will probably be mine too and I wasn’t even there.

So, have you got a #BBMoment you want to share?

Let BlackBerry know by sending yours to Jeff Gadway @gadway and the wider BBM team @BBM

With thanks to @AngrEdmontonian


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