BBM Meetings Powered By ZOOM

BBM Meetings Powered By ZOOM

BlackBerry’s President for Global Enterprise Solutions, John Sims, has confirmed the highly anticipated launch of BBM Meetings, a revolutionary service that will transform the way we conduct voice and video conferences. With support for BlackBerry devices, iOS, Android, tablets, and desktops, BBM Meetings Powered By ZOOM promises to deliver enhanced collaboration and connectivity. Let’s explore this exciting development and its potential to disrupt the video conferencing landscape, positioning BlackBerry as a formidable contender against industry leaders like Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and WebEx.

BlackBerry President Confirms Launch of BBM Meetings, a Game-Changer in Video Conferencing

Earlier this week, John Sims, the President for Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry, officially substantiated the speculations surrounding the existence of BBM Meetings.

Further details by John Sims :

“We will [also] soon be launching something called BBM Meetings. This service facilitates voice and video conferences for approximately 25 individuals in a group setting.

It will initially be launched as an enterprise service this year and we will also expand it to the consumer market sometime next year […] It will have a presence on BlackBerry devices, iOS and Android. It will be on tablets and we will also have a desktop version.”

As some have noticed from the new BBM leak the other day, that BBM Meetings are in the new bar file but are inactive. Clicking on “Start Zoom Meeting”when in a group chat will bring you to a 404 Error page on BlackBerry’s website.

BBM Meetings 404

However, a bit of poking around and you can see that everything is set up and ready:

So, who are Zoom? Well, Wikipedia lists them as:

Zoom Video Communications (known simply as “Zoom”) is a U.S.-based company operating from Santa Clara, California that provides cloud-based video communication specializing in markets for professionals, businesses, educational, and healthcare institutions. Offering both cloud meeting and webinar software, Zoom is most known for Zoom Cloud Meetings, also referred to as “Zoom” by users, which combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration into one platform

So, another smart partnership by BlackBerry here in a similar vein to the one they did with Glympse, this time building in video conferencing functionality.

And, with Blend allowing users to utilise desktop or tablet as well as your mobile device, I for one believe that BBM is going to put a hurt on soon-to-be rivals like Skype, Google Hang Outs,  GoToMeeting and WebEx.

Seems like Innovation is high on BlackBerry’s list of things to do.

What do you think?


BBM Meetings Powered By ZOOM represents a significant leap forward in video conferencing capabilities. BlackBerry’s partnership with ZOOM, a renowned provider of cloud-based video communication solutions, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of professionals and businesses. As BlackBerry continues to prioritize innovation, BBM Meetings Powered By ZOOM stands as a testament to its vision for the future of communication technology.

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