BBM Meetings Are Here!


We’ve been waiting, and it’s finally here. BBM Meetings. We’ve seen other apps of this nature, but in my opinion, nothing that comes close to this. Built as a mobile first application, there are no missing features on our phone, no reason to head to your desktop because it’s just easier than doing it on your phone, and tying in with native calendars on the other platforms ensures that users won’t have “BlackBerry fear” and refuse to use it.

How about a video that shows the functions and features, produced by BlackBerry?

BlackBerry is pulling out all the stops now, innovation that makes Apple’s method of taking old technology and placing their brand name on it, look laughable. As our man Chen put it, he’s stopping their parties, and he’s doing it in a big way.

BBM Meetings is a premium service which will cost $12.50/month to create and host meetings, however will not cost the participants to take part in.

To download BBM Meetings, click here


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  • emstardeluxe

    Time for a UTB meeting? ;)

    • Blackjack

      Can’t. Bad hair day.

  • veeru789

    That’s pretty sweet. Was waiting a long time for this. Good thing is host only needs to pay. But if the host leaves the meeting will the others be able to continue? BlackBerry should also add a pay per meeting model for small business to try it or a trial period.

  • Anthony

    BBM Meetings looks good. Mobile computing baby!

  • Robert

    I actually had the chance to use it last night for about an hour. All I can say is that it was an awesome experience. The options available are muting, front/rear camera, screen share, individual and group messaging. We tested with one user on 3G in Malaysia or Indonesia I think, Australia, Canada, Columbia and several from the US. It worked great except for when you minimize the screen and try doing other stuff in you phone. You start to get some lag and a robotic sounding voice from others.

    Some tests performed where with 3G, 4G, LTE and wifi coverage. You switch in between types and the connection never dropped. The slower the connection, the more video compression used. The display arrangement is 4 video feeds on your display. If you swipe to the right you will go to another screen with the next 4 and so on. Of you swipe all the screens to the right, the the video feeds will cycle one by one on your display.

    Some advice, when in meetings, don’t freak out if your phone literally comes to snail like response. It may be that you’re receiving an incoming call. I experienced this last night.