BBM’s Latest Update, I love it! Do You?

This last week, those of us running Android BBM saw a major UI change take place. Gone are the Telletubbies colored bubbles, in favor of colored names. A blank background replaced with a fun printed background. Quotes look different and uploading videos to group chat looks like an entirely different process. BBM on Android looks like a whole new world.

And I love it.

I’ll be honest, I never liked the UI of Android BBM. I couldn’t stand the colors, and while I may have finally gotten used to the change from BB10 BBM, but getting used to it was about the best I could say. Finally, that look that I hated is gone. And it is replaced with something which, to me, feels much more modern, and much more fun. And I think BBM needs to be more modern and more fun. I think that some of the more fun designs may be helpful in bringing new users to the platform.

But not everyone thinks the way I do.

I’ve heard more than a few complain about some of the new changes. I think the biggest complaint that I’ve heard is one of those very things that I really like. That is the wallpaper behind our chats. I’ve heard from a few that these cartoon style designs are not welcome. Some want BBM to look more businesslike and professional.

I say stop being boring and have some fun!

Realistically, there are a few things that I don’t like. We can’t all like everything right? For instance, I don’t like the redesign of the text entry portion of the chat screen. The dialogue box is round now. Like on an iPhone. The icons on the bottom are thin lined and minimalist. Like on an iPhone. I don’t own an iPhone. I don’t want an iPhone. I’d go out on a limb and say that the vast majority of Android users, be it BlackBerry phones or some other brand, don’t want an iPhone. And part of not wanting an iPhone is not wanting our Android to look like an iPhone. But more important than these iPhone looking icons is the lack of a certain icon.

Where’s the BBM Spark? Yes, the BBM Spark. The Spark that began on BBM and became a symbol for all things BlackBerry. We can see a cartoon version of the Spark all over the new wallpaper in BBM, but its not where it belongs. Instead, BBM notifications are brought to us with a little red dot with an “N” in it or a number if it is multiple notifications. I don’t have a problem with the numbers. Its convenient to see how many we have. But an “N”? What is that? Bring back the Spark! Please BBM, sooner than later, #BringBackTheSpark!

But in general terms, I absolutely love the new BBM. It feels like such a huge leap to me in terms of UI improvements and overall feel of the software. But I want to know from you, do you love it or hate it? Are there specific aspects that you love? Certain things that you hate? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Wayno

    Personally I hate it. The wallpaper looks childish, not fun. At least give us a choice like in BB10, not force that rubbish on us. The D and R notifications are too small and hardly noticeable. The new comments in the list of chats don’t stand out anymore, it used to be in bold, it isn’t any more. I do like the icons at bottom of screen instead of at the top. But overall, no I don’t like it at all. I prefer the look of the BB10 version

    • Timmy95

      I agree about the “D” and “R” notifications. Bring back the blue and green. And the wallpaper. Seriously, what’s happening.

  • Wayno

    In saying that, I do love BBM. It’s my favourite and most used app. Just passionate about how I’d like it to be. I do appreciate the effort put in by Emtek since taking over consumer BBM, they have made a lot of good changes in a short period. It’s a shame that BB10 BBM isn’t updated as often

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    I love bbm, est Messenger for sure but I’m not impressed with the latest one. The wallpaper is flashy, and juvenile but that’s the least of my issues. I could live with that if the others didn’t exist. It’s fine for a default wallpaper but the fact that you can’t change it? That sucks. I like the other green, blue, yellow wallpapers you could use. Now even they are gone.
    My biggest issue is no dark theme. Took so long to finally get dark theme and …. Then its gone. Wtf?
    My 2nd biggest gripe would be with the D & R status’. Used to be D with blue bubble and R with green bubble. Didn’t even have to read could quick glance the bubble and knew the status based on the coloured bubble. Now they appear smaller. R is now blue instead of green. Hard to tell now. I’m not getting younger and neither are my eyes.

    I’m going to guess ‘N’ is for ‘N’ew

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    I hate the all new BBM LadyBoy Edition. Emtek has turned it into a WhatsApp iPhone version. WAY TO GO. They’ve taken a tool of the trade and turned it into a toy. Oh and by the way, the BlackBerry Spark on the wallpaper looks like a cats butthole.

  • John Jones

    What I’d like so see is BBM giving us a dark theme BBM wallpaper.