BBM for iOS receive new update, Include BOT

Finally, BBM on iOS gets an update.

BBM gets updated for iOS. This update bring some new features that are already available to Android BBM users.

With the new update, you can now use BOT in your channel, and there are some management improvements that make the settings in more comfortable position. iOS users can now find contacts with phone number and report spam.

The full list of the change log:

– Introduced Me and Discover screen into the main navigation menu.
– Combined BBM Groups and group management features into the Chat screen. All chat conversations are in a single place now.
– Moved BBM profile picture to the “Me” menu.
– Introduced ability to swipe left on chat list items to mute conversations.
– Introduced BBM Channels in BBM Discover screen.
– Improved discoverability of channel chat with the introduction of channel representative.
– Channel Owners can designate a human or bot channel representative to provide real time responses.
– Existing users with e-mail accounts can add a phone number to their profile to easily find new friends on BBM.
– Introduced ability to sign in using phone number or e-mail.
– BBM Discover screen is in list view for easier discoverability.
– Introduced the ability to report invites as spam.

If you use BBM for iPhone, now’s the time to update your app through iTunes.


Roy Shpitalnik

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  • Fahed Al Derbi

    Thanks Roy the best thing are phone # feature and spam killer