BBM Hits 50 Million Downloads On Google Play

How Many??
How Many??


Earlier today forum member Web99 spotted that BBM was proving exceedingly popular in Androidia…

Yep, just on Android. To verify, I actually went on Google Play and verified the number of installations for BBM. It has cracked the 50,000,000 installations mark.

Then, out in Twitterland the picture itself was sent out confirming the same (as we have posted above).

This represents phenomenal growth of BBM just on Android alone – never mind iPhone and native BlackBerry users (we’re not daft, you know, we know what side our bread is buttered) and it appears that word of the BEST messaging service in the world, bar none, is spreading like wildfire.

Add to that the fact that it has been widely reported that, unlike Whatsapp, BBM users are MUCH more active and use the service a a lot more and we can expect BBM to be catching Whatsapp sooner or later and reclaiming that number 1 spot, first in use and then in downloads.

So, how much will BBM be worth then on the BlackBerry balance sheet, naysayers?

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