BBM Gets an Update!

A new update to our favorite messaging platform dropped today. This update is across the board for those running on iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry 10.

Some new features include in group messages for updates to group calendars, photo comments, and lists. Retract message feature now includes stickers, files, etc.

The UI for BBM has even changed a bit in regards to groups. Selecting a group from your list now takes you to the main chat. To navigate elsewhere, simply tap the picture in the top left of the chat and it opens up a list to select from!

I’m sure we’ll see more as we have fun playing with these new features. Keep your eyes peeled here for more information!


Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • Jope28

    Best group chat option of any messaging app.
    Trying to get used to the group change when having many topic/conversations in a group. Seems awesome, but darn muscle memory! Lol

    Can’t wait for that BB10 cross-platform video chat. Not because I’d really use it, but just for BBM to ‘tick’ that box before Whatsapp does.

  • Nayalm

    Warp speed mr. Sulu

  • shaun

    Wish I hadn’t updated it, at least my second phone Z30 has the previous version on it, probably won’t use BBM on my Passport from now on

    • Brad

      Why Shaun?

      These group improvements are amazing!

  • shaun

    To you they are but to me they are horrendous, to many faults to mention, so I have deleted all my groups as my phone has been going overdrive with stuff I really don’t want eg like alarms going off for calender entries, notification on people deleting or adding stuff in the groups and the feeds page crammed with every little thing. So if this is your thing then that’s great but not for me

  • CabbagePatch_D

    I know I’m a bit late to comment but I have have to agree with Shaun with regards to this update.
    I do not like the changes to the group UI. Should I assume that some other messenger app has similar layout? I don’t really use any other messenger app chatting or group activities so I don’t know. I do use another app for video chat with my non-BlackBerry using family and friends because I still choose BB10. locco_smiley_7

    OK, so my issues with the changes.
    1. Going directly to the group chat. Great? I don’t think so. You have one less tap/click to get to the group chat while adding one more tap/click to everything else in Group. And what if all your group conversations has a topic? You’re always going to be taken directly to a somewhat useless section.

    2a. Feeds cluttered with stuff from Groups, especially with not having a filter like you currently do for Contacts and Channels. To be fair the previous version is the same. The one benefit I see for issue #1 is not having Group List and Calendar items in Feeds.
    2b. I’m getting notifications when adding items to Group List and Calendar. I don’t think I need to be notified that I’ve done something, at least not in this case.

    3. With the changes, the action to get to other sections of the Group is going to be repeated a lot yet they put it away from ones thumbs. In my opinion this should be on the action bar but I suppose they’d have to make the action bar a permanent fixture. In the current state this is not the picture of BlackBerry efficiency.

    If all this must be, at least give me some options to customize it in some way that’s a bit more fitting to my usage.

    Now for only 2 things they should have fixed in Group.
    1. When viewing pictures, not using half the screen to show comments (even when no comments) would be nice.
    2. The ability to rename and/or duplicate a list.

    That’s all for this post. I’ll be quiet now. locco_smiley_21