BBM for WP Gets Updated!


The hard working people over at BlackBerry have pushed out another update for our beloved BBM. This new version is and brings a lot of fixes that us beta testers have submitted.

Those fixes include:

– Contacts lose their avatars
– Toast message for invite when the app signing in
– Country and times does not always show up
– Contacts/chats/feeds screens slow to re-appear when returning from another screen
– Emotions are not rendering properly
– Many localization improvements

Of course BBM for Windows Phones is still in Beta, and it still has a long ways to go to be where it needs to be.

The folks behind this app have asked the beta testers to try different ways they test the app. For example:

– Add a new contact in person with a barcode or using the suggested contacts feature.
– Chat with them and share a picture
– Start a group
– Give your contacts something to view in the feed panel, like changing your display picture.

BlackBerry has been very aggressive with their updates and have jumped leaps and bounds since the first release.

They added the "beta" to the icon
They added the “beta” to the icon

Are you using BBM for WP? What do you like and don’t like about it? What would you like to see in any future release? Let us know in the comments below.