BBM For Windows Phone Gets A New Beta Build.


“In This Build

This build includes fixes for some of your most reported concerns, including:

· Restarting BBM brings up the “Find friends” screen intermittently

· BBM crashes when trying to add an image when adding a post

· Feeds tab does not display splat on Channel or Contacts updates

· Unable to add screenshots when adding a post with an image

· Newly created Channel appears with a join icon on search

· BBM freezes after sending or receiving a Sticker

· BBM is slow to load featured/owned/subscribed Channels on HTC devices

Known Issues

· DOB confirmation dialog appears multiple times while user tries to join different channels

· Channel invites do not reach users when trying to add contact to invite to channel

· Channels avatar cannot be changed

· BBM crashes and user Cannot create channel on Windows Nokia 530 device

· BBM displays white screen when trying to add post with image

· Cannot add camera photos or screenshots to add image post

· Channel names are not in alphabetical order in the my channels and subscribed channels page”

If have a Windows Phone and you are apart of the Beta program, then check your inbox for the newest version of BBM for Windows Phone.