BBM for Android Got Updated!

Look at them clowns.
Look at them clowns.

Well, it looks like our unsecured friends from California got a very special treat.

BBM for Android was updated to version, but unfortunately it didn’t have an updated change log. My guess is that the update fixed some minor issues and a bug or two.

Remember, the best part of any android device running BBM, is that BBM is the best part of the phone, all 23.12MB of it.

If you have an android device, then click on the link to the Google Play Store.


  • jrohland

    Why do I have to see those 2 faux BlackBerry supporters? Simon Sage who wrote in a recent post he has been using a Samsung for the past 6 months. And KM who claims to be Passport fan…until he is distracted by something shiny from Apple.