BBM Emoticons… Ever Wonder What The Names Are?

Tripped over this webpage a while back and I thought it would be fun to share.

Some of the original BB10 BBM emoticon names
Some of the original BB10 BBM emoticon names

Millions of BBM users use the stock emoticons every day, multiple times a day in fact.
But… I wonder how many users know what the names of those often used characters are?

Here I found a url/picture of some of the basic emoticons, their names, and the alphanumeric equivalent of said emoticons used in BBM.

We have many more than this now indeed.

Country flags are an example of the increased number of emoticons not found on the site. Typing *us*  in a BBM message gives an American flag, as does *ca* give us a Canadian flag, etc.

What emoticons have you found not listed here, and/or are unusual?

Let us know here in forums!

Courtesy of Michael Calderon



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