BBM Desktop is Now Available to All Android Users!

We’re pleased to announce that the BBM Desktop beta is now available to all Android users!

Gone are the irritating times when you are busily working on your laptop or PC, and a chat message comes through to your BBM. To reply, you’d have to unlock your phone, open the chat and then type your message on the phone. BBM Desktop now extends your chat to the desktop, so that you can chat seamlessly across devices, without leaving your desktop environment!

Using BBM Desktop is a refreshing experience for users who need to type long messages regularly. Now, you can complete the tasks in half the time, get a better look at photos and videos (with the added ability to download or delete them) and read lengthy paragraphs with ease. What’s more, BBM Desktop gives you the ability to scroll faster through group messages to get to what you’re looking for. Chatting becomes so much easier and convenient without compromising on productivity!

Users can:

  • Choose to view all their chats in a list or in Groups
  • Search for specific conversations from the search bar
  • Search for a Contact to create a new chat
  • Find a contact by alphabetical grouping with the first letter of their name
  • View broadcast messages from Channels they subscribe to
  • Easily view chat histories

Our team is working hard to continuously improve BBM Desktop. Upgrade your favorite messaging app via Google Play or the App Store today and have fun using BBM Desktop beta in the meantime!