BBM Desktop Get’s An Exciting New Addition

You can enjoy this now if….

BBM Desktop has been in beta mode for some time now. Those of us in the BBM beta program has seen the option for BBM Desktop appear and disappear as new versions of the app roll in. As someone that uses BBM Desktop extensively, every time it is available, I can assure you that each time it disappears and returns, it is better.

Honestly though, these improvements have been in the stability of the application. In the very first version, I had to refresh the browser page quite often, on the last version, I never had to hit that refresh button. I have yet to notice any new features in these updates, and honestly, there is plenty that is still needed to give a complete BBM experience on the web based client.

Now, one of those things that I’ve been waiting for has arrived. Previously, quoted messages would not show within the chat window in the application. Previously, you would see the new message, but you would not see the message that was quoted. This makes for a much more fluid experience with no need to pick up your phone. Unfortunately, you still cannot see picture comments or BBMoji within the desktop application. Still, this is a great improvement, and I love that this is an improvement that can’t be missed.

You may already be enjoying this if a few things have happened. If you’re in the beta program, and if you somehow missed the last two beta updates, and if you still have the option for BBM Desktop. If those things happened, jump on and give it a try. If not, just know that this very welcome improvement will show up once BBM Desktop returns to the BBM Beta.

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