BBM Custom PIN Contest



BBM announced a great new contest that users should be interested very interested in. The event will run for only three weeks. These three weeks will be divided into three weekly segments. The first segment will run from today November 6, until Friday November 10. The next one will then run next week and so forth.

To enter this contest in the hopes of winning the prize of $100 USD, which is a lot more for Canadians and more yet for Aussies, you’ll need to either sign up for; or update your BBM (if you haven’t already). With the latest update you can choose a custom PIN for yourself. This custom PIN will take the place of your usual PIN. Custom BBM PINs are free now so go ahead and choose one for every device you own. Choose one for your neighbour if you’d like.

Each segment in this contest will have a different theme, this first theme being “why you chose this PIN”. By the way, there is no need to share your personal PIN for the contest. No one else needs to know it.

There will be 4 lucky winners chosen per week for each of the three weeks, that would be 12 winners in total . Each of these lucky people will receive $100 USD.

So… get your PIN before someone else does! I’m sure PINs like “BBJeremiah” will go very quickly!


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