BBM Channels Manager has Moved

BBM just keeps moving along.

Just a short while ago, both BlackBerry and BBM gave us an update about the licensing deal of BBM to Creative Media Works. Now we can actually see some of that transition with the move of BBM Channels Manager.

The BBM Channels Manager is a way to do manage your channels from the web as opposed to from the phone. This has proven invaluable to channels such as our own UTB Blogs BBM channel, where we have multiple admins to post to the channel. It is here where you can add and remove Channel admins, and even change ownership of a Channel.

If you’ve been a user of this browser based platform, you’ve already noticed that it has moved to a new domain. Once housed under the domain, it is now found under a new domain, For now, everything looks the same as previous, and all functionality remains as it was.

If you head to your BBM Channel Manager portal as you always have, you will be redirected to the new site.

By the way, if you’re not already, be sure to join the UTB Blogs BBM Channel. You can find it at PIN: C0028049B


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