BBM Brings New Services to Nigeria, US, and Canada

BBM just keeps bringing more services.

Remember when BBM was just a chat app? It wasn’t really that long ago. But since Emtek took over the management of consumer BBM for Android and iOS, it seems there are more new services every day. This week 3 regions get new BBM features.

First up, BBM is partnering with Nairabox to bring a movie ticket service to Nigeria. Nigerian users will be able browse current movies playing in theaters, check show times, view movie trailers and even purchase tickets, all within the Discover tab of BBM.

In the US, BBM teams up with Billaway to offer users free mobile airtime via BBM rewards. Under the Rewards tab in the Discover menu, users will be able to participate in surveys, enter sweepstakes, and get quotes, which will earn them additional mobile talk/text/date. If users prefer they can opt for gift cards instead which can be used at major retailers.

Canada receives nearly the same program as the US, also brought to them by Billaway. The difference here is that rewards are strictly in the form of gift cards as opposed to cellular airtime.

BBM has turned in to so much more than just a messaging app, and I’m excited to see what other new services we shall see launched in my favorite app.



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