BBM Beta Receives Update With a Sweet Surprise

The return of something that was dearly missed.

A new BBM Beta update has arrived. As is the norm with BBM updates, there are several new surprises. I’ll admit, I just received the update, and haven’t spent much time playing with it yet. But there are a few things that are immediately noticed.

When replying (formerly quoting) someone, it appears differently to you until you send it. It is now red. In the chat itself, it is the same, but I do prefer the new look. Perhaps simply because it’s new. Within chats, there is a bar that shows up that runs along the screen letting you know this is where new comments start.

BBM contact lists can now be imported to Android BBM. This will be great for those that wish to move back and forth between BB10 and Android devices. Now that BB ID’s can no longer move, users will be able to simply duplicate their contact lists between the two platforms.

The sweetest surprise? BBM Desktop has returned. BBM Desktop showed up in an earlier beta version, and then was removed around the same time BBMoji arrived. It has now returned, I’m using it now, and loving it.

The changelog for the beta update follows below.


  • Faster & lighter version of BBM: Opens faster, more responsive UI, better notifications
  • BBM Voice and Video calls no longer drop when incoming call received
  • Fixes and improvements to keyboard and chat message input
  • Automatic website preview when you share a URL in a chat
  • See a cool post in your feed? Now you can share it to a BBM contact
  • Draft message preview when you share a channel post or discover content

Have you discovered a surprise in the BBM Beta update that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.


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