BBM Beta Offers Personalized Pins And Ad Removal


The relentless improvement to BBM continues, and brings more options yet again!


Both Personalized (vanity) Pins, and ad removal are available.

If you are able to access the new version in the Beta Zone, you will see this if you scroll down in the BBM shop.



The personalized Pin must be between 6 and 8 characters long, and can include a dash or underscore. There are rules regarding the Pin though. You are not allowed to use a brand name, or any questionable language (among other things).

The service is free for a month (for Beta users), and I can only assume it would be the same upon release. The proposed monthly price is the same as stickers at $1.99.

Interesting to note, I subscribed and chose a personalized Pin. I then went to my UTB BBM group and typed the new Pin out. All the users not on the beta only saw my actual/original Pin as opposed to what I chose! Interesting indeed. Obviously that will change when we are all on the new release.



Not much to say about hiding ads. At the suggested price of $0.99 per month, obvious things are obvious.

Are you going to subscribe for these additional services?

Sound off in the comments!


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  • BB Racer !!

    Count me in, just asked my buddies and they confirm ! Eg. Custom PIN : ” Call Me Vinny “

  • bartron

    I have no interest in getting a vanity PIN, but I might subscribe to the no-ads service in the future.

  • Anthony

    This is cool. A vanity PIN will be excellent.

    Some BBM Channels are reporting the “vanity PIN” and “ad removal” will be a $1.99/month subscription. Will this $1.99 also include “message retraction” and “timed messages”? locco_smiley_1