BBM Announces New Service for Nigerians

Paycode Cardless Cash Withdrawal Service come to BBM in Nigeria, and I’m excited about it!

Matthew Talbot has taken to the BBM Blog to announce a new service coming to Nigerians in BBM . Talbot introduces the Paycode Cardless Cash Withdrawel Service.

BBM has partnered with Interswitch to bring this new service for Nigerian users. This new service allows for users wto withdraw cash from ATM’s without using their card, and also allows users to make mobile payments. All through BBM. Of course, it’s not going to stop there.

BBM is working with other partners to bring even more services to Nigeria and South Africa. Nigerians can plan to see travel services, lottery sales, shopping, food delivery, sports betting, hotel booking, and ticket purchasing for events and movies. South African’s will soon be getting video games, and editorial content with topics such as sports, lifestyle, culture, music, entertainment, kids, food, and cars.

Now, why am I so excited about these new services? Services I will never enjoy because I am not in Nigeria or South Africa? Quite simply, because Emtek is not in Nigeria or South Africa either.

When consumer side BBM came under the management of Indonesia’s Emtek, we almost immediately saw new services rolling out. Great services. Services aimed at the Indonesian market. I, like many others, began to worry. With Emtek now directing the future of BBM, was this going to become a regional only app? Would we see any of these services rolling out to us? Well, obviously, most of us saw the BBM Games roll out to us, but still, Indonesia has so much BBM greatness going for it. And I want it. When we had the opportunity to speak to Matthew Talbot, he told us there were hopes to grow these services in other markets as well.

Talbot was obviously true to his word. We can see these services now rolling out to new markets. We can also see just how the plans for these markets are coming together. We all know Indonesia is a primary market for BBM. South Africa and Nigeria is as well. It should be no surprise to anyone that Talbot and BBM are focusing on new partnerships and new and improved services on markets where they can get the biggest return first.

So how can I ensure that I see services such as these appear on my BBM sooner rather than later? The answer should be quite obvious. Grow BBM. Get more people I know on, and active on BBM. The more we can get on BBM, and the more active the service becomes in our own markets, the more we can be sure that our market is one which BBM can see a positive result of bringing more content to.

The answer is clear. When a friend say they’ll text you, or WhatsApp you, or call you, or FaceTime you, just tell them no, don’t do that. Just Ping me!

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