BBM for Android Updated Today

There’s a new update rolling out to Android users.

The first app I look at when I wake up in the morning, and the last app I check before I go to sleep at night, BBM has been my most important app for years now.

The Android of BBM has a new update rolling out through the Google Play Store now. If you haven’t received it yet, be sure to head to the Google Play Store, check “My Apps & Games” and look for an update.

I’m unsure if the changelog has been updated since he last update, but it reads as follows;

BBM is renewing its look and feel! We’re making it more fun and friendly to use, with new experiences and activities that you can share with friends.
– UI improvements to chat
– Categorized search for easy navigation
– Localised Discover services for videos, music, entertainment
– Manage your groups with easy ‘Leave’ and ‘Delete’ options
– Enhanced protection against spam
– Bug fixes

In case you’re wondering, the BlackBerry Spark has not returned. The little N is still there. It was, of course, the first thing I checked.

Maybe next time….


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  • Shaun Williams

    get over the spark, your on Android OS so deal with it, as a loyal BB10 user i still have it and a dark theme. So enjoy your update as BB10 users are a forgotten cast aside by Blackberry

    • Timothius

      Agreed. How and why BlackBerry would choose to treat competing operating systems better than its own baffles And infuriates me. I love my Z30, but if/when I eventually have to switch to an Android, I will NEVER buy a Blackdroid. This company has put such a bad taste in my mouth, I have an aversion for the brand and any service or product BlackBerry attempts to sell.

      The one or two Android/iPhone users I’ve been able to persuade to use BBM literally laugh at me, because unlike me, they get real updates, AND they can video chat cross platform, and guess what, I the person running BlackBerry’s BBM app on BlackBerry’s own operating system, cannot!