BBM and IoT Roadmap

(courtesy of armstronginstitute)
(courtesy of armstronginstitute)

Las Vegas, NV 07 Jan 2015

John Chen spoke at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) during a breakfast speech this morning addressing the future of BBM and the Internet of Things (IoT).

After a brief intro John Chen introduced Sandeep Chennakeshu, President of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, who stated that Certicom cryptography has been installed into 400,000,000 devices! In addition, BlackBerry’s global network handles over 45 pentabytes of data PER MONTH! Also the BlackBerry IoT platform (based on QNX technology) provides unparalleled security for network and device management.

John Chen then reminded the audience that BlackBerry’s QNX platform is used in over 50,000,000 cars and is the market lead in the infotainment/connected car space.

Next John introduced Par Soon-Chiong, MD President of NantHealth and Solve HealthCare who demonstrated the HealthBox (HBox) to securely gather medical data using the QNX platform. A BES12 server is used to ensure the wireless transmission of data is seamless. Dr Soon-Chiong is extremely excited about this new opportunity. The HBox will serve as the heart of their Medical IoT.

Regarding handsets AT&T will be carrying the new Classic and Passport both on and off contract as part of their NEXT Plan.

Next Herman Li, Senior Vice President of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), mentioned that BBM added 140,000,000 new iPhone and Android users in 2014, an impressive 185% growth! As expected, he discussed the further monetization of BBM across platforms (Android, WP, and iOS). There are currently 1,000,000 ad-friendly BBM Channels, over 300,000,000 Stickers sent each month, and 175,000,000 visits to the BBM Shop each month.

BlackBerry will also enter the foray into wearables running on Android Wear smartwatches. As always, the BBM app has been engineered for privacy.

Sandeep then further addressed the BlackBerry IoT Platform stating it will focus on the automobile and logistics industry via scalability, efficient messaging, and of course security.

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HINT: keep your eyes peeled for a BlackBerry rollout of 10.3.1 starting on 27 January…..


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