BB10’s Ultra-Powerful Share Function

BB10's powerful Share function
BB10’s powerful Share function.

There are many great things about BB10 which go unnoticed or are never mentioned. I’m talking about the features that are so intuitive and natural that we use them without noticing them until someone asks about them.

One of those unsung heroes is the Share function.

When I first switched to BB10, I didn’t pay much attention to the Share function. I figured it would just allow me to share photos with people via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, BBM, etc. Boy was I wrong.

As I started exploring BB10, I discovered just how powerful BB10’s share function was. Aside from sharing photos via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, BBM, etc. I discovered that I could use the Share function to:

  •  send content from one app to another, including Android apps. e.g. Share a webpage from the browser with a link shortener, and from within the link shortener app, Share the shortened link with your Twitter app. Or take a photo, Share it to Effetica Pro to adjust the photo, from within Effetica Pro, Share it with a paint program to paint something on it, from within the paint program, share it with MockIt! to create a meme and from within MockIt!, Share it with friends via e-mail or BBM. You don’t have to load it into the first app, save it, exit the app, load it into the second app, etc.
  •  send photos, music and video from my phone to my TV using Wi-Fi Direct.
  •  transfer webpage URLs from the browser to another device using NFC. This is great when you’re showing someone a webpage on your BlackBerry, and they want the URL.
  •  choose the content first, and then select how I want to share it. This prevents you from having to go to your e-mail to start composing the e-mail, and then browse your files to find the photo or document you were just looking at, in order to attach it to your e-mail.
The BB10 Share menu
The BB10 Share menu

BB10 kicks the power up a few notches by making the Share menu adaptive. Not only are the apps and functions in the Share menu dependent on the type of content you’re sharing, but BB10 keeps track of which apps and functions you’ve shared that type of content with previously, and lists those apps and functions at the top of the share menu.

The best part is that it’s so easy and intuitive that it feels completely natural and you don’t have to think about it.

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