BB10 Users Receive Welcome Bulletin

BBM makes it easy for BB10 users to move their contacts to Android and iOS.

As the transition of BBM Consumer from BlackBerry to CMW moved along, the ability to jump back and forth between BB10 devices and Android and iOS devices was lost. This was due to the user account databases being split. Now, that transfer is complete. While this transfer was necessary for future BBM Consumer enhancements, it has led to much frustration for BB10 users that either swap between two devices, or are wishing to move to an Android or iOS device. Who wants to lose their contacts?

Well, now those troubles are being alleviated. While it is still not possible to move your BBID from BB10 to a new OS, you can now move your contact list to your new BBID. We saw a short time ago the ability to export your contact list come to BB10 BBM. The ability to import that contact list was later spotted in beta versions of BBM Consumer. Today, a bulletin has gone out to BB10 BBM users about the functionality. The bulletin is included below.

BB10 users asked for it and we listened: If you are using BBM Consumer on your BB10 device and want to switch to an Android or iPhone, you will soon be able to import your existing contacts from BB10 into your new Android or iPhone. This feature will be included in BBM Android v3.3.14.194 and BBM iOS v300.0.142.465, and subsequent versions. To do so, use the Import BB10 Contacts settings feature within BBM for Android or iPhone. In taking the steps outlined there, you will effectively move BBM Consumer data from BlackBerry Limited (where it now resides) to our licensed partner for BBM Consumer on Android and iOS, Emtek and its subsidiary Creative Media Works Pte Ltd (‘CMW’) (Co. Reg. No. 201609444E).

Instructions for transferring contacts to Android available here

Instructions for transferring contacts to iOS available here

The advantage of using BBM on Android or iOS is that CMW has added great new services that are not available for BB10 users, including the ability to book a ride via UBER from within BBM, and content such as News, Games, Video, Comics, Polls, and e-commerce offerings such as shopping, travel and vouchers. If you are not interested in moving to an Android or iOS at this time there is no action required. Though if at any time you decide to move to a new Android or iOS device, these steps remain available to you. BlackBerry Ltd. and CMW are continuing to work closely together and are gradually transferring certain aspects of the BBM Consumer platform to CMW, such as development of the BBM for Android and iPhone applications.

As a reminder, BlackBerry continues to operate BBM for BBOS and BlackBerry 10 and we thank you for your BBM loyalty regardless of the device you choose.
BlackBerry Ltd.

The functionality of BBM Consumer has grown by leaps and bounds under the management of CMW. We’ve seen multiple enhancements of prior abilities, and entirely new abilities being added. Most recently, we’ve seen a vast improvement in BBM calling. The calls are crystal clear, will not disconnect with a call comes through, and we now have the ability to switch to a Bluetooth device during a call if we like. Uploading videos to chats is just one of the more welcome new additions. Additionally, BBM has become more than a messenger application. It is now a more complete platform offering many different ways to consume media, with more to come.

As the support end date for BB10 looms in the distance, there are still many users struggling with the numerous roadblocks that come with switching platforms. Losing your BBM contacts is now one less roadblock to deal with.


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