BB10 How To: Text Substitution

There are many features that make BlackBerry 10 the OS of choice for getting things done – why else would so many businesses choose them for their employees’ work devices?

One of the most useful things that I have found in BB10 has to be Text Substitution. Put simply, it allows you to assign shortcuts to common words or phrases.

Some substitutions are built directly into BlackBerry 10, the most useful of which are:

  • myver
    to display your device model and OS version
  • mynumber to display your phone number
  • mypin to display your BBM pin
  • lt to display the current time
  • ld to display the date

You can easily add your own substitutions too – here’s how:

Swipe down from the top of the home screen and tap the Settings icon to access the Settings Menu.

System Settings Menu

Scroll down and tap on “Language and Input”, then scroll down to the Prediction and Correction

Language and Input Menu

On the following screen, you will see a list of the current substitutions you have set up. Simply tp on the “+” on the Action Bar to set up a new substitution.

Word Substitution

To set up a substitution, type your preferred shortcut in the top text box, followed by the full text you wish to utilise:

Setting up a Substitution

Tap “Save” and your chosen shortcut is all set up. If I set up my BlackBerry using the example above, whenever I type the letters “UTB” followed by a space, it will now automatically transform to ““.

The possibilities with text substitution are almost endless – from “qqq” as a substitution for “I’m driving – I’ll get back to you“, to “*p” as a substitution for “*pensive*” – the BBM thoughtful emoticon.

What substitutions can you come up with?

Jon Hunnings

(Step-)father & husband. I code directly on my #BlackBerry devices, in between blogs! Contact me via Twitter: @BrizBerryDevs or via email:

  • ray689

    Awesome. Thanks for that. Some new (and seasoned users) to the platform still have things they need to figure out.

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    Nice! thanks for sharing.