BB10 How To: Callus Interruptus and UTB Community


I love BlackBerry 10 OS, and when I take the time to learn how it does things, or I learn new things I can do that I didn’t know I could do, or I find things that I think it’s doing wrong, but then I am proven that I am wrong and not it, I love it even more!

This is why I enjoy the UTB community, because without their support there is so much I would have never known about the inner workings of BB 10. UTB is a diverse group of experienced professionals from all over the world whom I have never stumped with a problem that I thought I had with my phone.

Of course this same support is extended to anyone in our help forum. Try to stump us! And it’s free! Just be sure to click an ad on the way out, ha ha.

Today, I was finding myself annoyed while composing a document, when a call from someone came in, took over the screen¬† and interrupted my thought and my typing. This person can wait! Don’t they know I am in the middle of divulging the secret rocket fuel formula to the Chinese?? I don’t have this written down anywhere because of the security risk, and I was having trouble recalling the mixture ratio in my head. I was so startled by the phone screen being hijacked that I nearly forgot it completely.

When this happens, my first impulse is to swipe up to minimize the app so I can continue what I was doing. Doesn’t work. So not wanting to be rude and hang up on the caller, I sit and wait until it’s done ringing and goes to voice mail, since I see no “ignore call” button. By that time, wherever I was going with my thoughts is lost.

Discussing this with other UTB members and doing some testing, I learned that the “end call” button on the Classic or “swipe to the red” gesture (on other phones) does not always perform an “end call” action as I had assumed. My reason for not using it was that I didn’t want to rudely hang up on the caller, and if that happened they would call again and make the interruption even worse.

After discussing with other UTB members and experimenting, I found that while it is ringing, the “end call” action actually performs an “ignore call” action, minimizes the app sends it to voice mail and does NOT hang up, as I assumed.

Ok that wasn’t rocket science, and I’m sure most of you already knew, but it was a big revelation to me and not at all obvious.

However, the larger point here is that just when I thought I had found a flaw in BB10, it turns out BlackBerry has me covered. It may take some digging, so that’s why a community of users is so important. The other point here is about community and why you need one to get the most out of your device. I have previously been a very active member of some of the more popular communities, but found them so poorly moderated that you have to put on your waders and tolerate the sewage and some of the egotistical, often hateful personalities to find anything useful or anyone helpful.

Then I discovered UTB and I made sure I was banned from other places so that I would no longer waste my time and as James Pisano so adeptly puts it, “suffer brain damage”.

Don’t go it alone! Especially if new to BlackBerry 10. You might discover that there is more to smartphones than stabbing icons and pressing the home button!! SOOO much more.

Join our welcoming friendly UTB help forum! And while you’re at it – enter to win a Leap! See details above.


I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.